Mandatory Upgrade: Zen 2.0.14

June 20 UPDATE – We are pleased to announce ZenCash 2.0.14 for Linux is available. All node operators, exchanges, and pool operators must update from the previous version before June 28th when the current version is deprecated and will stop working (at block 332576).

Zen 2.0.14 is the update previously planned before the Equihash ASIC announcement and blockchain attack events. The time frame to include any new changes was too short to address these issues. However, potential solutions to mitigate chain manipulation from attacks is being worked on and may not require a mandatory upgrade. At this time we are staying on our regular deprecation schedule.

Linux Update Instructions

Building From Source

To upgrade from any version prior to 2.0.14 you will have to re-clone the repository. The ZencashOfficial/zen repository was replaced by a new repository based on Zcash upstream with a different commit history, merging/pulling is not possible without issues.

Refer to detailed instructions to build from the source to update the zend daemon.

Updating From APT Repository

This is the method most secure nodes use:

Secure Node operators can reference step-by-step instructions in the Secure Node Software Upgrade Guide.

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install zen
  • zen-cli stop
  • wait for 30 seconds
  • Check the version with: zend –version
  • Start zend again

Zen 2.0.14 includes

Many of the code changes in this release are focused on bringing the zen code base into alignment with Zcash in order to allow certain modifications to be included and the introduction of a mandatory upgrade manager. Zen 2.0.14 is based on Zcash 1.0.14 and includes all of Zcash’s improvements up to 1.0.14. The most anticipated update is the change in the block rewards to increase the secure node portion to 10%, add 10% for super nodes and increase the treasury to 10%.

  • Fork manager, each past and future mandatory upgrade or hard fork is clearly defined in a separate file
  • Mandatory upgrade to change the reward distribution to 10% each for community fund, secure nodes, and super nodes
  • Null Data (OP_RETURN) Transactions, store up to 80 bytes of data in a provably unspendable transaction on chain
  • Improvements from Zcash upstream
    -- Low-memory prover reduces JoinSplit creation memory usage from 3 GB to 1.7GB
    -- Experimental feature: Payment disclosure with new RPC calls z_getpaymentdisclosure and z_validatepaymentdisclosure
    -- Support for incoming viewing keys

Target Dates (these may be adjusted):
June 11th: Publish RC1 for testing
June 11th-16th: Test clients and updated pool software on testnet and publish RC2 if needed
June 16th: Testnet mandatory upgrade. Any major issue at this point may result in deploying an update that just changes the deprecation block
June 20th: Release of 2.0.14 posted
June 20th-27th: All nodes, pools, exchanges, and wallets will need to be updated prior to block 332576 (est. June 27 23:00 UTC)

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