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It feels like a 2018 Q1 déjà vu as I sit here compiling Zen’s accomplishment for 2018 Q2 while the market bleeds red. Crypto is not for the faint of heart or those not vested in it for the tech and social impact this technology will bring to the world. Even with the ups and downs, it’s still an exciting time to be alive working in the most cutting-edge industry that has a low-barrier for competition… All working towards a goal of bringing technology that will equalize the world.

Zen in 2018: Usability, Transparency, and Innovation.

Zen aims to build a virtual nation that allows individuals to communicate, transact, perform commerce, exchange goods and services, and build applications… all without having users necessarily know they are doing so on the Zen network.

We cannot achieve this goal all at once so let’s focus on some themes and accomplishments that will get us there.

Our community has expanded to nearly 70,000 users and the growth continues thanks to our amazing team: marketing, engineering, business development, operations, finance, legal, and user experience/customer support.

Zen released two software upgrades, developed a flagship wallet that will standardize the look/feel of our products while upgrading existing wallets, built partnerships with other organizations, integrated with other products, built a support system with excellent documentation, etc. All while dealing with crisis such as a 51% attack and volatile market conditions.

Are you in it for the tech?
Let’s create a P2P, borderless world together and measure our progress towards this goal. Brace yourself and let’s ride the slump together.

2018 Second Quarter Accomplishments


  • Received fully functional DAO Treasury Prototype from IOHK

  • UX: Released a support system & comprehensive documentation: ZenHelp

  • Began Flagship wallet multi-OS development

  • Designed Super Nodes – a multi-tiered node system supporting sidechains

  • Zen 2.0.11 software upgrade

  • Released Z-NOMP security update for mining

  • Arizen wallet upgrades: now supports shielded transactions for Secure & Super Node operators

  • Secure Nodes surpass Bitcoin nodes – top 3 node architecture!

  • Zen faucet Improved release

  • Released a new white paper proposing Enhancements to the Satoshi Consensus to prevent the 51% attack

  • Mandatory upgrade Zen 2.0.14: Robust Code Base & New Node Class


Zen easily available to you with 10 new listings!

  • Coindirect – P2P exchange
  • CryptoWolf
  • OpenLedger – DEX
  • Binance
  • Cred
  • BiteBTC
  • Stocks.Exchange
  • Godex
  • Panda
  • BlockBid
  • Changelly


  • Paytomat, a cryptocurrency payment solution for POS and e-commerce – spending ZEN made easy!
  • Ledger Nano S hardware wallet
  • Xeeda, the world’s first cryptocurrency wallet for your phone
  • Coinomi – an user friendly IOS Wallet for your ZEN!
  • Athena ATM integration in Colombia
  • Began Trezor T integration
  • Zen is being accepted as a payment option on all MindGeek websites – the world’s largest digital entertainment website network for adults.
  • Blue-Frontiers exploration of Zen’s voting system & buy your island with ZEN
  • DCG adds ZenCash to its portfolio of 5 select coins
  • Grayscale Investment adds ZenCash
  • InfoPulse software engineering firm partnership
  • Buy or rent your Italian Villa


  • General Council, Dean Steinbeck, brings a wealth of experience to strengthen our legal position.
  • Jonathan Teplitsky joined the Marketing team, and helped grow our mailing list by almost 24%!


  • Website translated in: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish
  • Held community survey to understand our growing community
  • Maintained community abreast with promotions and marketing
  • Publications in, The Times UK, Core Digital, and more!

Zen Around The World In Q2

  • Crypto Conference – Berlin, Germany
  • Metta Event in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Meetup in Nagano, Japan
  • TalentLand in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Blockspot in Sao Paulo, Brazil World
  • Blockchain Forum – Dubai, UAE
  • Chainges – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Innovation & Free Enterprise Summit – Charleston, SC
  • Consensus – New York City, NY
  • Smart Taler – Minsk, Belarus
  • Crypto42Summit – Vienna, Austria
  • Blockchain Summit – Frankfurt, Germany
  • Network of Africans – Kampala, Uganda
  • Zen Secure Node Workshop – Bloxpo – Stockholm, Sweden
  • KryptoSør – Oslo, Norway
  • ZenCash Meetup – Tokyo, Japan
  • ZenCash Meetup – Moscow, Russia
  • CIR Club – Seoul, Korea
  • Nairobi Tech Week – Nairobi, Kenya
  • FEECon – Atlanta, GA
  • Cryptolina – Raleigh, NC- Togliatti International Blockchain Forum
    – Togliatti, Russia
  • Etherlab’s Meetup – Seoul, Korea
  • Blockchain+Data Meetup – Seoul, Korea
  • Korean National Assembly Debate – Seoul, Korea
  • Bitcoin Meetup – Tokyo, Japan

Moving Forward, One Step At A Time

So what exciting tech do we have for the remaining of 2018 and beyond? First, transitioning to sidechains that will allow dApps and moving our secure node and node architecture on-chain making Zen even more decentralized! And finally, along with IOHK, we will also complete a prototype for our Scaling Solution.

By Rosario Pabst

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SEO, Online marketing specialist, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, literature and geopolitics fan

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