This is how I paid with NEM for tea in cafe

This post I decided to make to show how it's easy to pay with crypto and particularly with NEM in some cafe. I've been to Pesto cafe in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine. I drink a lot of coffee every day but that time I decided to order big green tea.

After that I ordered a bill and you can see it with Qr-code.
I directed NEM wallet to Qr-code and it automatically input all the data as you can see on the picture.

4.7959 NEM is $2.01 at the moment I'm writing this (May 2, 2018) but in April it was even less.
Here you can see transaction on the screen.
I named this wallet "cafes" and I plan to use the balance for spending in cafes, bars and restaurants which accept NEM (and hopefully in future for other products and services, but right now it's mostly for cafes)

On this photo transaction is Unconfirmed.

But very soon it becomes confirmed, and you can see new balance in my wallet

There is nothing special in this post, and photos are not very good, as I did them on old mobile, but the main goal is to introduce and spread the crypto into all areas of life.

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