LocalCoinSwap - One step forward in criptocurrency exchange world!

     My friends,   

     I think that some of you had a problem with registration of new account on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance and etc. For example, few months ago Binance and Bittrex temporarily stopped accepting new users. Even passed registration at these exchanges a lot of users had another problem – pass KYC verification. I know people who was doing it for several months. So it was rather big problem to start trading at exchange. 

     Month ago I found one project which could resolve this problems -  LocalCoinSwap.  LocalCoinSwap is going to be an criptocurrency exchange based on P2P trading. The main aim of this cryptocurrency exchange is simplify trading and cryptocurrencies exchange between users. You will not wait for long process of account verification and you will able to exchange any cryptocurrencies with various payment methods in any location of the Earth. At the same time you have opportunity to buy tokens during ICO and to be one of the owners of  LocalCoinSwap! Moreover it is planned to distribute 100% of exchange profit to token holders! 

     I suppose that this project is very interesting and it gives real useful tools for criptocurrency trading. By the way, ICO is still going and you can buy some tokens and get share in criptocurrency exchange owneship!  

     Links to find out more about LocalCoinSwap:

     Be free to contact me in Bitcointalk: heureca.  

     All pictures used for this publication were taken from official website  LocalCoinSwap.

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