Excolony - an exchanger created for users


           The cryptocurrency market has changed very much  over the past few years, the volume of trading in January 2016 was 60  million USD, as of August 2018, this amount increased to 15 billion USD.  During the existence of electronic currency, a large number of  exchanges have been created, each of which strives to provide its users  with the most favorable and comfortable conditions for trading and  increase the number of participants.

          Despite all the available modern programs and ciphers, the  security issue remains open, the breaking of exchangers has led to the  loss of billions of dollars. This situation dramatically affects the  market and the level of user confidence.           

          The new Excolony platform aims to influence the current  situation and provide a product with a high standard of safety in the  market. The team primarily seeks to create the maximum level of security  and protection, in case of a hack, all lost funds will be reimbursed.           

          The purpose of the platform is to provide users with a  system that will conduct transactions instantly and with a low  commission.  


Excolony features

          The company intends to create a truly unique project in the  market that will be not only profitable but also comfortable to use,  simple and reliable. If a new user has any questions regarding the use  of Ecolony, the company will help to solve them in a short time and, if  necessary, will send video instruction with explanations.

           Artificial intelligence is explicitly designed to assist  each user. Decentralized exchangers guarantee participants a maximum  level of protection, but they cannot give a high level of speed,  Excolony will combine these two indicators, which are essential for each  trader.           

          The company seeks to bring Blockchain to a new level so  that the technology can be used in other areas, the solution of this  problem will significantly affect the market and the attitude of people  to the blockchain.  

 Benefits of Excolony

          Creating a support service plays an important role, some  platforms can not provide users with quick feedback and help in solving  critical issues. Excolony intends to address this situation because it  is thanks to its users that the platform goes to a high level and  remains in the TOP.           

          The company plans to make the platform not only in English  because, despite its popularity throughout the world, but there are also  a large number of traders who do not have sufficient knowledge of  English.           

          A new, reliable platform will open up many opportunities  for each user. Fast transaction execution and high security will  significantly affect the number of participants.  


ICO details

  1. Cost of 1 EXC - 0.5 USD
  2. Minimum purchase - 10 ETH
  3. Soft Cap - 1 million USD (all unsold tokens will be burned)
  4. Hard Cap - 100 million USD
  5. Purchase of tokens is already available on the official website.
  6. Completion of ICO - November 30, 2018


          Not many traders can be surprised by the news about the  launch of a new exchanger, but there are some issues that immediately  attract the attention of users.           

          Excolony is a unique platform that will create favorable  and comfortable conditions of use for its members, due to this the  popularity of the exchanger will grow quite quickly.           

          Each investor and trader strives to get a high level of  security, operational speed, a clear interface and simple, but at the  same time reliable access to their finances. Excolony performs all these  tasks, the development team is aimed primarily at providing users with  the most favorable conditions.           

          I believe that the launch of the platform and the  implementation of all the tasks set will allow the company to achieve  the desired goals quickly, and we will get access to a reliable, modern  system that will work better with our investments.           

          We are watching the development and look forward to  launching the platform, the company caught my attention, and I think  that it will be successful.  

Links that you can use when studying the project:
 Official website
 Bitcointalk ANN Thread
 Bitcointalk Bounty Thread
  Bitcointalk Username: CapnBDL
  Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=212645
  My Ethereum address: 0x577FA2553Af35908072Af7fc61270fd98022002b   



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