Glitzkoin unites diamonds and cryptocurrency

The diamond industry has been around for decades, it is actively developing and enjoying popularity all over the world. The purchase and sale of diamonds are constantly, this product represents luxury, speaks of the prestige, wealth and impeccable taste of its owner. As in any industry, the diamond industry requires development and improvement.

The emergence of the cryptocurrency opens up new opportunities for improving many areas, Glitzkoin aims to do serious work and bring the diamond industry to the market of cryptocurrency. Gemstones are among the most valuable resources, the cost of rough diamonds, which are produced all over the world, is 15,000,000,000 dollars. Every year, world sales and the number of jewelry made of diamonds grow.

A new Glitzkoin project based on blockchain technology will provide management and coordination of diamond trade worldwide.

The stages of supply of diamonds are as follows:

Goals of Glitzkoin

The modern global site will provide the full range of services needed for the diamond industry. Certification of stones, supplies, decentralization of exchangers and trade, all this will be available for users on the Glitzkoinplatform. Produced trading operations will be performed using digital currency.

Each user in his or her wallet will be able to check the number of available tokens and see the completed transactions. The company seeks to improve the interaction between buyers and sellers of diamonds and form the maximum level of confidence. The platform will provide access to tracking and certification of diamonds, Glitzkoin will allow retail buyers to purchase precious stones directly from owners, avoiding intermediaries.

There will be an opportunity to track certified diamonds, information on the location and route of the stone will be provided. All transactions will be executed in a short period of time, which in turn will positively affect the quality of the operations performed and will constantly attract new participants of the system.

Platform Features

Glitzkoin plans to combine several areas of the diamond industry: diamond companies, certification centers, polishers, consumers, and sellers. The project pays much attention to the issue of confidentiality, all information about users and transactions to be performed will be reliably protected.

High level of system security, wide functionality, a large amount of information data, as well as the ability to perform classified operations, will attract interested users and create the most favorable operating conditions for them.

Glitzkoin is able to make a serious breakthrough in the development of the diamond industry, with the help of this platform, anyone can buy diamonds from any city.

ICO Details

The cost of the token is 0,16 USD

The sale has already started and you can get tokens on the site. After selling 120,000,000 tokens, the cost will increase to 0.20 USD.

Tokens will be used on the platform to perform transactions, this will avoid the traditional commissions that arise with the participation of third parties. The high speed of operations is one of the great advantages of Glitzkoin.

All platform participants who are interested in this segment of the market will have the opportunity on one platform to carry out safe, efficient transactions that will reduce costs. All participants will be able to invest their money and get the necessary amount of diamonds.


Each industry seeks to expand its market, increase the number of customers, become more popular and in demand. The diamond industry does not need advertising, this product has been in high demand throughout the world for many decades. Entering the industry into the crypto-currency market will provide more comfortable conditions for performing operations and buying goods.

Glitzkoin will enable each participant to conduct the necessary operations with a high level of security and complete confidentiality.

The platform will be a new stage in the development of the diamond industry, will open more opportunities for each participant in this industry. Expensive, but popular goods will become more affordable around the world.

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