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         Information technologies have densely entered our life, and now in this sphere, there are massive changes. The emergence and development of blockchain technology have contributed to the infusion of a significant amount of finance, and today digital information has become one of the primary financial values. Storing data on a blockchain is quite no expensive and does guarantee complete security.

          To solve this issue, a team of developers from Russia has created a new, large-scale project Casper API, which is an infrastructure designed to store decentralized applications, it is managed through a smart contract. The new technology allows you to not only securely store all the necessary data but also gives priority to the selection of participants with whom the user wants to share information.

The Casper API is a large-scale decentralized platform that will reliably store all the necessary information.

Solving the issue of data storage

          In the world, there is a vast number of services that offer data storage services on its cloud server. In addition to the fact that such services are quite expensive, they also do not provide a reliable level of security, and there have been data leakages, which is why the companies suffered greatly.

          Entrepreneurs and users choose decentralized storage. Such a system uses a solution that offers modern, comfortable conditions for each user.

          Casper will make storage of data as reliable and with a high level of security. The platform supports the P2P network, smart-contracts, enables you to perform calculations and necessary transactions in the API. The platform has a reliable system for checking and evaluating data so that each user receives complete confidentiality.

Casper API Benefits

All data stored on the platform is encrypted with programs, providing a high level of protection.

The Casper P2P network enables you to customize the storage service for each user individually. Also, the platform uses storage modules that ensure efficient and trouble-free operation of the system for users.

Casper Features

  1. Operative execution of all transactions
  2. Conducting a large number of transactions in a few seconds
  3. Possibility to participate in smart contracts
  4. High level of reliability

          Casper API allows you to download the necessary, valuable information, save it and always have access to it. When downloading information, the data is simultaneously copied to the other three servers. The user is given access to 4 copies of the information. If one of the servers stops working, it is replaced by another server. Whether the data will be encrypted or not depends on the content that is downloaded to the server. The API company works with all platforms that have smart contracts.

ICO Details

  • Start of ICO - June 2018
  • Completion of the ICO - July 2018
  • Cost of 1 CST token at the time of re-sale - 0,12 USD
  • The cost of 1 token CST crowd-sale - 0,16 USD


          Casper Project is a new platform, which is necessary to date, which opens many opportunities for storing information, not only to companies but also to private users. Data security plays a significant role, ensuring a high level of safety and reliability, thanks to the blockchain system, allows users to have constant access to downloaded information from anywhere in the world and, if necessary, send data without worrying about their safety.

          The project has a dominant development team, which aims to realize all the goals set and create the most comfortable and reliable platform for storing information. Casper API will affect the development of the information economy and raise it to a new level.

          The company plans in the future to surpass Amazon, Google and other firms that cannot provide a high level of security. I think that the project will be quite successful and will get a rapid development after the launch.

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