JIBBIT - Cannabis in medicine!

          The market for cryptocurrency gave many new opportunities for the development of each industry and helped to expand their functional application significantly. The medical industry is also discovering new perspectives with the use of this market.

          The development of this direction on cryptology will allow collecting information for analysis and diagnosis of diseases from around the world and will open more opportunities for the treatment of patients. Cannabis is used in the medical field for the treatment of some conditions, it is used as an auxiliary therapy for patients with cancer, AIDS, and as an analgesic. The use of cannabis for treatment not only increases the demand for this product but also contributes to increased fraud in this area.

          Using blockchain technology, users have the opportunity to use a secure database that eliminates fraud. Thus, modern technologies will make the cannabis market independent by combining the cannabis community and the crypto industry on the JIBBIT platform.

JIBBIT is the best platform for participants with essential functions.

          The platform with blockchain technology allows you to find consumers, manufacturers, and suppliers quickly. All executed transactions will be encrypted and saved. To change or to enter the inauthentic information in a system it will be impossible. For manufacturers and suppliers, fast delivery of goods to its customer plays an important role, JIBBIT creates the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

          Blockchain technology provides transparent execution of all payments, preserves the anonymity of user data, which makes use of the platform as safe as possible for each participant. The ability to quickly purchase goods, reduce time to perform transactions and reduce costs, greatly simplify cooperation.

          The company creates a full-fledged project that will ensure the work of three main areas - the trading platform, medical portal and delivery service. Thanks to the implementation of this project, users will be given the opportunity to receive anonymous consultations of specialists, authentic recipes and the delivery of medicines. JIBBIT will prevent fraud and allow patients to order medication from home.

Ideal platform with many advantages

          JIBBIT intends to provide reliability to its users and creates a system in which they can trust. The storage of all information and the anonymity of data play a significant role for each participant, the encrypted data in the system will be preserved in its original form and will be accessible for verification. 

          JIBBIT strives to expand opportunities for each interested participant of the project and provide the most favorable and comfortable conditions. Manufacturers and sellers will be able to quickly, independently, download products and services to the platform and make them available to users around the world. Buyers, in turn, will be able to purchase the necessary goods while maintaining anonymity, while users will be assured of the quality of the products and the reliability of the transaction.

          The use of blockchain technology will allow making safe payments around the world, the exit of the medical industry into this market will be a new stage of development and will open many opportunities and prospects for the participants.

Let's analyze the basic details of ICO

  • Total number of tokens - 700,000,000 JIB
  • The cost of the JIB token is 0.05 USD
  • Soft Cap - 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap - 18,000,000 USD
  • Start of private sale - July 1, 2018
  • Completion of private sale - July 30, 2018
  • The start of the public sale - August 1, 2018
  • Completion of the public sale - August 31, 2018


          The opportunities that the crypto industry opens in its marketplace gives excellent prospects for every industry and field of activity. JIBBIT I think will become a popular platform, which will attract a large number of participants. Given that the project is aimed primarily at the medical industry, you can be confident that he will find his audience and ensure the development of this direction.
          The platform combines all the necessary functions and opportunities for the comfortable cooperation of all participants.

If you want to know every detail of the project, study the project in more detail:
Official website
Bitcointalk ANN Thread
Bitcointalk Bounty Thread
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Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=212645
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