MobileBridge Momentum - a transformation of modern marketing with Blockchain technology!

Each company seeks to retain its customers and attract new ones by developing loyalty programs and charging bonuses for active participation in brand development. The number of companies in different industries and spheres continues to increase, competition grows, and everyone seeks to attract more customers.

Despite the rapid development of marketing, loyalty programs remain imperfect. Users are not easy to understand the rules for charging and spending bonuses. A large number of rewards and remain unused, and loyalty programs cease to be an advantage of companies. Marketers continue to develop systems to actively attract customers, strive to improve the conditions and create a profitable program for both parties loyalty program.

Traditional marketing is beginning to fade into the background, giving way to more modern and profitable programs. The company Momentum decided to bring marketing to a new level and created a current loyalty program, built on the latest technology Blockchain.

A multi-platform system is available to everyone.

The development team is working on creating a unique platform that will provide users with the opportunity always to monitor the number of bonuses received. In the personal account on a PC or smartphone, each participant will be able to check their account and independently manage the earned reward.

Encouraging their clients to be paid out as tokens, Momentum will provide all participants with full access to their data. All received rewards can be exchanged between other loyalty programs or transferred to Momentum tokens. Any number of unused tokens the user can exchange, save on his account, sell or donate.

The company intends to create a modern platform that will increase customer activity, provide profit to all participants and create favorable conditions for each user.

Features of Momentum

The platform provides excellent prospects for companies and will be beneficial for users. Each firm and brand will receive the maximum amount of information about their customers, thanks to which it will be possible to create the product directly for the interested, target audience.

Participants will be able to receive bonuses for the purchase of goods and services, as well as for active participation in the development of the company, advertising their favorite products and brands. For all companies, it will be possible to charge bonuses on one platform, motivate their customers for purchases, promote their products and brands, and attract a large number of new customers.
Users will be able to manage accrued bonuses themselves. Such an incentive system will help increase the number of customers of each company.

A new, modern platform will open many opportunities for the promotion of new and already favorite brands. The bonuses received are not assigned to a particular company, they can always be transferred to receive discounts on other goods or exchanged for tokens.

Let's highlight the main details of ICO

  • Hard Cap - 42,000,000 EUR
  • Number of tokens - 1,000,000,000 MMTM
  • The cost of the token is 0,12 USD

At the moment, private sale of tokens is active, the date of public sale will be announced in the near future. The period of public sale will be 1 month or until Hard Cap is reached.


The Momentum development team is working to create a modern, unique site that will provide benefits to each participant and bring marketing to a new level.

A large number of opportunities and advantages of the platform will contribute to the rapid development of the company and will help in a short period of time to expand the number of users.

A simple interface and a clear calculation of bonuses will make it easy to understand the operation of the system. Marketing in the cryptocurrency market will ensure the attraction of clients from all over the world. Users will be able to find interesting products and services, purchase them at a discount, share beneficial offers with their friends.

Momentum is a new stage of modern marketing that will develop and I think the platform will quickly become popular and popular in many countries.

If you do not find the answers to your questions, you can use the links:

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