Quadrant Protocol increases the value of information!

Information has always been the most expensive resource, the reliability, and relevance of any information significantly increase their value. Today, almost everyone can put data on the network that are not true, which causes a large number of disputes and Internet users simply do not trust any information.

All data, consumers receive through the media, sites, social networks, and other resources. Information users do not receive directly and have long been the producers of content. For this reason, a lot of news is distorted, it becomes very difficult to find a necessary, useful platform that will not contain irrelevant materials.

Quadrant Protocol is a Blockchain-based information system that provides users with access to up-to-date, verified data.

Quadrant Protocol is the uniqueness of every information.

All information placed on the Quadrant Protocol platform will be reliable. The development team realizes the possibility of checking all materials on uniqueness, taking into account the modern level of plagiarism, this function is simply necessary.

Information from the site will be useful not only to users but also to large companies and banks. The platform will provide the necessary, up-to-date information on all areas of interest, the reliability of the materials will be checked by the system.

Quadrant Protocol is a closed database that the participants can independently fill with the news. For providing up-to-date, unique information, users will be able to receive remuneration in tokens. Coins will be accrued only after checking the materials for validity. As a result, only high-quality information will be collected, and participants will receive additional motivation in the form of a reward for the providing materials.

Project Objectives.

  • Creating a platform with high-quality, secure information
  • Providing fast transactions in a short time
  • Guarantee of a high degree of protection of all information
  • Quality control of all placed data
  • Ensuring an even distribution of resources between different types of companies
  • Creation of safe and transparent conditions for the cooperation of participants with companies

Quadrant Protocol Features.

The development team pays a lot of attention to each stage of the project, the platform will carefully check the information offline, find the source and after a thorough analysis will decide whether the data is reliable, or vice versa, their forgery.

Proven and accepted information will be sent to the "Constellation", access to which will be open to large providers. Buy information will be able to large players, as they themselves will be able to offer or change certain conditions of smart contracts, individually for themselves.

On providing unreliable data, the Quadrant Protocol will be blocking. Information that has already been audited and accepted, cannot be changed, a high level of security platform allows you to avoid leakage.

Let's briefly consider the main details of the ICO.

  • Number of tokens - 1,000,000,000 eQuad
  • Cost of 1 eQuad token - 0.05 USD
  • Soft Cap - 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap - 20,000,000 USD

The date of public sale of the tokens will be pre-announced on the website. Quadrant Protocol will be the first platform with quality, unique content, for which users can additionally receive a reward and will have constant access to the current information.


Given the abundance of poor-quality data, the value of information will only increase and the demand for the quality material will continue to grow. Therefore, I see great prospects and success of the Quadrant Protocol project.

Professional journalists and authors of articles will be able to analyze the material, select the actual data and at the same time earn extra money. The project is open to each user, regardless of the direction in which he works and what topic he is interested in. Maximum protection of information will attract a large number of world companies, due to this rapidly increase the number of users and the popularity of the project will grow.

It remains to wait for the launch of the Quadrant Protocol, but to follow or actively participate in the development of the platform depends on each person personally.

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All the necessary information on this project, you can find here:

Official website
Bitcointalk ANN Thread
Bitcointalk Bounty Thread
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Study the project and make the right decision!

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