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The digital advertising market is growing rapidly. In the 1st half of 2017, the online advertising market represented 1.8 billion Euros, a large increase of 9.8% compared to the rst half of 2016.

It’s also worth saying that digital market is far ahead of other media. It represents 33% of investments versus 28.3% for television.

According to the research related to the digital advertising, all companies have the same goal: maximize the penetration and awareness of their brands, products, services, news and promotional offers.

Today online marketing tools need to be more transparent and more interactive (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat).
Today there exist different ways to invoice online advertising:

  • CPC is the cost per click generated by a publisher.
  • CPM is the cost per thousand displays or impressions
    of an ad.
  • CPA is the cost per action, which can be a sale, a form or a quote request.
  • CPV is the cost per view of a video.
  • The advertiser pays when users interact with the ad (likes, comments, shares and so on).
  • KPI conversion rate is the corresponding to the % of people who performed an action in relation to the target population.

SaTT project - A new tool for advertisers

The SaTT is a «token utility» based on blockchain technology allowing exchange of advertising and audience payment.

Smart Contract regulates its functioning and lists advertising offers. The Ethereum blockchain will be applied to hold all the necessary data securely.

Now Smart Contracts define all the conditions for participation in the ad campaigns. Also, Smart Contrat establishes goals and special remuneration guarantees.

The Ethereum blockchain has many advantages: speed, low cost, safety, and transparency. This technology provide equitable distribution on the internet market of traffic. Moreover, it removes all the obstacles that centralized intermediaries usually cause.

Now we have the SaTT Smart Contract, so an advertiser can easily create advertising campaigns and establish special conditions for participation. The distributed decentralized records (blockchain) will be used to store results. It will be possible to search them results via dedicated APIs.

Nowadays among the biggest challenges internet advertising comes across is recruiting and validating the partners, taking part in the advertising campaign. Of course, it’s crucial for companies to choose the best partners. It depends on the scope of their activity, the domain or simply brand image.

How it works?

With SaTT Smart Contract an advertiser would be able to define criteria for campaign participation.

In the actual marketing model, advertising agencies or affiliate networks may evaluate the performance of advertising campaign by the number of impressions, clicks, or sales.

Therefore, there exists a specific stats tool, provided for each platform. It is reliable and secure, but it doesn’t include reactions in social networks that are quite useful.

This is similar to some other tools that advertisers usually use (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, etc.)

The main advantage of SaTT is the application of the Smart Contract communicating with the intermediary APIs in order to quantify the campaign's performance  and evaluate transaction amount.

These apps act like oracles. They interact automatically with the Smart Contract to quantify the advertisement performance. Then they establish the amount of benefit that the publisher will receive.

So, the SaTT Smart Contract is a decentralized system providing distribution. The blockchain includes all the offers allowing any API or resource to carry out operations with an ad builder, posting, or in the Oracle function: for instance by providing the required stats for transaction validation.

Smart Contract can gather market offers in a decentralized database, setting the rules applying to advertising contracts. Then it will automatically trigger payments when the transaction is carried out.

The advertiser wants to maximize the coverage of their campaign. SaTT is a simple, quick and effective tool identifying the best communication methods and the best potential partners.
The SaTT Smart Contract facilitates the advertisements broadcast, related to the performance objectives (e.g. to increase its visibility, to generate traffic, to generate sales opportunities or to increase sales).
In general, SaTT it is the evolution of the advertising campaign industry standards for a on, like Google Analytics, Instagram or Facebook Analytics through oracle module connections.

In the end, publishers and communities may have access to exclusive options, services, and events in exchange for SaTT tokens. 


The total duration of ICO is 5 months. By the way, don’t miss the chance to get a 50% token bonus.

  • Start: 1 May, 2018
  • End: 1 September 2018
  • Token Price: $0,42
  • Hardcap: $104,160,000
  • Softcap: $7,560,000
  • Protocol: ERC20 / ERC223
  • Payment: $/€/BTC/ETH

Dear readers, leave your comments with your opinions, and what do you think about this project?!

Useful information you will find:
Official website
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