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Isn't all life served in the organs. Oddly enough, the enemies themselves has not acquired, retired with honors. But I didn't want to stay at home doing nothing. Thanks to an old profession, without problems took in security Agency. The work was not dusty. You have to sit in front of a bunch of monitors, see who goes where, what carries. And Orient the "infantry", the response team, if there is an emergency situation.
Ivanovich liked duty in the day. No visitors, you can not particularly strain. A "infantry" regularly walked through the corridors, you never know what.
The pensioner began even podumyval when he was awakened by the crackling of the radio.

  • Ivanitch?! What the fuck are you sleeping for?! There's a passenger on the floor, and you're quiet!
    He instantly came around and on one of the monitors saw the guards. two of them stood half-turned to each other.
  • What are you talking about! You see, that's standing near the great hall!
    You had time?! Here, young guy between us!
    Hey, rookie! The cameras are recording everything, and so are our conversations. Stop kidding me, or you'll be in trouble tomorrow! I'll tell you where he goes! What a visitor, here you stand, and Zolotov is on your right!
    The evil tone of the usually calm Ivanych discouraged the guard.
  • OK, wait for guests, - muttered the, and walkie-talkie blacked out.
    A few minutes later there was a conditional knock on the door.
  • Fuck h...some girl! - growled the second "infantryman", - this the damn kid got away from us. Twitched and ran. Show the video, we'll put a police Bolo on him.
    Ivanovich trembling fingers switched on the playback. It was visible as security guards went down the corridor, stopped, began to talk. There was a space between them, but there was no one in it. Then they went, and withdrew from the field of view cameras.
  • What the?! - Shouted one - where is the visitor?
    The ex-COP was sitting there staring blankly at the screen. What happened, and how it happened, he could not explain.
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