Monochrome Landmarks of the earth without evil

Source: Family album

Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in "Tuesday black and white images day", Today I want to present a different look at one of the beautiful things that land has without evil. The emblematic buildings of my city!

I invite you to explore the streets of my city, and appreciate the beautiful surroundings. This image corresponds to a plot of the Plaza San Martin, a beautiful square built in commemoration of a hero of our city, the saint of the sword, the father of the country, the liberator of the people.

In this image we can appreciate the leafy trees, witnesses of hundreds of events lived in this place, marches, protests, even entertainments, a few meters ahead, the emblematic pink house, a building where the executive power of our city works, place where decide the future of Corrientes.

This place before being the provincial government house, was a "mother church" built in the "XVII century" the project of this great work was in charge "Juan Col" and built by "Juan Buzzi" this Corrientes emblem has an Italian accent, one of the most beautiful constructions with this architectural seal.

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If we move two hundred meters east, we will find another Corrientes emblem, La Iglesia de la Merced! This beautiful building was built in the "seventeenth century" "on the ruins of the Hermitage of San Juan Bautista" in the place formerly worked the "Church of the former convent Mercedario"

A place full of history, in this church prayed "the captives" the brave women and mothers of the outcast, who were put in captivity while the war of the triple alliance was developed, also gave way to the teachings of girls of my province Named "Provincial Historic Monument and National Historic Monument".

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In order to appreciate another emblem of the earth without evil we have to move to the south about 1500 meters, behind us is the Cathedral Church "Our Lady of the Rosary"! Its construction took more than yeses years, culminated the work in the year 1861

In this place works the "Archdiocese of Corrientes" this place has an imporde historical recognition , was the first church on earth without evil, the person in charge of directing the work was "Nepomuceno Alegre" and the person in charge of building it was "Nicolás del Grosso"


I really like the black and white images, I think the buildings of my land look beautiful in it, a different way of seeing the beauty of the earth without evil

I hope that my writing has been to your liking.

I wish you all, happiness and prosperity

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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