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дегустация вин с Jessika - Wine Tasting With Jessika

Wine Tasting.. With My Babymama

If there any wine clubs or enthusiast out there in golos.. please feel free to comment below and connect with us. With that being said... Please continue and enjoy the rest of the post. Be sure to check out @xtrodinarypilot steemit post Come Drink Wine with XtrodinaryPilot at the #STEEMITWINECLUB

The wines on todays episode

Meiomi - Pinot Noir This shxx was HEAVY & HOT kinda sweet but FUCKING HOT
Poppy - Pinot Noir SHXX was DRY AS FUCK but light on my tummy I LOVED IT
Hawkstone - Cabernet GAWDAM!!! this SHXX was HOT & TART
Zac Brown - CabernetOMG this WARM & FRUITYLICIOUS had an extra GRAPE flavor punch that put me on my ASS... too bad somebody couldn't spell, ZAC, in the video
Gascon Malbec My #2 favorite for tonight... This FRUITY, COOL, WOODSY aftertaste was medium body and large on flavor and probably as good as my review will be for tonights lineup
14 Hands - Merlot This COOL & FRUITY wine left me a bad after taste reminiscent of that COOL & FRUITY tv show...

The Babymama Wine Notes

What's your favorite wine? Let us know in the comments below

Be sure to like and share the video and also add user @jessiskar as someone new to follow... This has been a collaborative funny piece concocted by 2 crazy parents getting some adult time away from their crazy kid.


Till Next Time... Adios Amigos

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