TANZORecent years have witnessed a surge in the on-line call for for hand made items. Is it sudden? Not genuinely. In an age of world instability, excessive mass manufacturing and conveyor-belt consumerism, it’s no marvel human beings are turning all over once more to the relaxed familiarity and authenticity of home made items. Arts and crafts have performed an indispensable part in mankind’s improvement and subculture for the beyond 5,000 years. Even these days, mockingly sufficient, we appear to be using heavily produced hardware and software a right way to reconnect with our desire for handmade items.

When TANZO commenced its market studies again in 2016, we knew there have been hundreds of heaps of crafters on line, however we were nevertheless amazed to locate over two hundred,000 guilds, institutions, golf gear and other communities where artisans and crafters gather to change thoughts and visions and share the love of creating something with their very own arms.

 With humans turning into more and more more interested through owning actual and precise objects, the international market for home made goods has tripled due to the truth 2008 and is presently turning into a $100 billion industry. In 2016, India on my personal exported $five.Four billion in handmade items, a fifteen% increase over the preceding12 months. During the same period, each China and Southeast Asia generated over $25 billion. 

 The complete length of the US crafts business enterprise is now $forty three.Nine billion, in step with new lookup from the Association for Creative Industries (AFCI). With constantly rising demand, the industry tasks that by means of using 2020 the global handmade marketplace will come to be a $a hundred and fifty billion enterprise. Handicrafts are specific expressions of a unique way of life or network thru neighborhood craftsmanship and materials. With increased globalization, products have emerge as greater and extra commoditized and crafters find their products competing with items from throughout the sector. 

 Most artisans and crafters are innovative, inventive and difficult-working. The assignment they face in recent times is getting seen past their neighborhood communities. With the improvement of recent  technology and e-trade, crafters need to be cosy with social media, customer advertising, advertising, privateness rules and much extra. To acquire success, they are pressured to make investments their effort and time in many different matters previous crafting. 

 Most crafters aren’t virtual natives, entrepreneurs or advertising and marketing professionals like the new virtual millennial generation. They are simply everyday normal those who show up to have the abilities and information to create something precise and beautiful. Consumers searching to purchase handicrafts like to sense related with indigenous traditions and cultures in a world and an growing variety of commoditized world. Trust inside the authenticity of handicrafts comes as a pinnacle priority to the consumer. 

 The following definition, accompanied in 1997 via way of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization/Information Technology Community (UNESCO/ITC) Symposium on Crafts and the International Market captures the range and complexity of the handicraft.  


Blockchain-based social market for handmade goods.

 TANZŌ aims to become two of the world's online markets for handmade and extraordinary items - from unique handmade pieces to antique treasures.

TANZŌ will also be a dynamic community of real people who connect more than their passion for handmade items. This platform empowers crafters to do what they love to buyers who like what they do. 



 TANZŌ  is the first of its kind social markets for handmade goods, where craftsmen are protected and workmanship is guaranteed. The distributed TANZ led ledger technology ensures transparency in the platform, making it as open and secure as possible for buyers and sellers.

TANZ Tujuan's main goal is to be a synchronized social platform, based on a fully decentralized trust system, ensuring that all parties involved in a particular transaction are equally protected.   


Handmade Market

The global market for handmade goods has tripled since 2008 and is now a $ 100 billion industry. In 2016, India alone exported $ 5, four billion handmade items, up 15% from a year earlier. During the same period, China and Southeast Asia generated more than $ 25 billion. 

 The sizeable consideration of the US handicraft industry now is $ forty three.Nine billion, according to new research from the Association for Creative Industries (AFCI). With the ever-increasing demand, the industry projected that by 2020 the global handmade market would be a $ 100 fifty billion industry. 


Problems for Craftsmen and Buyers

  • Crafter Problems
  • Lack of knowledge of international marketing
  • Lack of buyer confidence (crafters are usually not identified)
  • Lack of direct communication with potential buyers
  • The inability to present their products in fair competition
  • Difficulty driving traffic to their product list
  • Barriers to proper representation of themselves and their products
  • Fear of dishonest buyers


Buyer's problem

  • Difficulty verifying that a craftsman is what he claims
  • Difficulty verifying that the goods are really handmade by the crafters
  • Difficulty verifying that a craftsman does not exploit the market by passing on fake goods as authentic
  • Difficulty verifying that a craftsman does not sell mass-produced goods for profit
  • Lack of reliable reviews


Advantages of TANZ Plat Platform

Comprehensive service, easy to use

  • Low cost
  • Transaction costs are low
  • Payment with popular cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC)

 Transparent and decentralized bonus and reward systems

  • Comprehensive service, easy to use
  • Transparent and decentralized bonus and reward systems
  • Proof of product authenticity - Blockchain verifies proof of identity
  • Customer communication tools
  • Detailed sales analysis

 Reliable reviews, awarded incentives by reward system

Payment of TZO tokens for platform services at special rates 


Product: TANZŌ Platform


Most e-exchange platforms are not suitable for true artisans who want to promote their craft or want to sell uniquely designed products at a reasonable price. In particular, craftsmen are forced to compete directly with wholesalers and merchants who often sell counterfeit or mass-produced goods on the same platform and at a much lower price.

 Sometimes it becomes difficult to even find authentic handcrafted items in the midst of a low-quality, artificial quantity that messes up the search results. 



The TANZ block blockchain-based identity verification process ensures that only true craftsmen can sell their handmade items on the platform. It is also a guarantee to potential buyers that all the goods are truly handmade by the craftsmen who sell them.
Items will be priced in fiat currency for customers who may not be familiar with comparable cryptocurrency values. However, TANZŌ will provide incentives to users to use TZO tokens as their default currency for transactions by either deriving or completely removing withdrawal fees and by providing TZO bonuses as a reward for special achievements.


TANZ Plat Platform for Craftsmen

TANZŌ  offers a complete turnkey e-trade platform that enables craftsmen to easily manage their own virtual storefront. The solution encourages artisans to make their list of products in TANZŌ easily. 

Craftsmen will enjoy very low transaction costs when their products are sold through the TANZ pasar market . 


Details of Token Sale Distribution


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 Author: nevashno
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