Krnov Town Hall

The most beautiful buildings in Krnov (Czech republic) include the local town hall with an adjoining savings bank. It is located in the city center on Main Square. In the years 1901-1903 replaced the original 16th-century town hall. She was designed by the Viennese architect Moritz Hintrager and put Ernest Latzel and Alois Geldner.


The building is two-storey with a six-story tower 52 meters high. She replicates the town hall tower in Vienna Währing. The clock comes from the hands of the Munich watchmaker J.Mannhardt, who built them in 1864. Since 2004, the tower has been open to the public for sightseeing.

Interestingly, there was court in the past in the town hall. He also handed down sentences of the death penalty.

The adjoining savings bank was built between 1906 and 1907. The author is Franz Blasch.

krnov04(View from the tower of St. Martin's Church. In the distance is a lookout tower on Cvilín Hill.)

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