Sossusvlei red dunes, Namibia - Unique Natural Landscape In The World [Уникальные природные ландшафты в мире]

While this fantastic zone might be very much an excursion to get to, they are effortlessly a standout amongst the most prominent vacation destinations in the Namibia. The enormous striking red ridges Sossusvlei could be found in The Namib Desert – one of the most seasoned leaves on the planet.

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Photo Credits : Eric Montfort

Sossusvlei lies on the Tsauchab River which flows west into the dune-field of central Namib, and never reaches the ocean. Here you can find flat white pans with green trees, surrounded by spectacular dunes. At the Nara Vlei and Sossusvlei the sand-dunes are the only things separating you from the Atlantic Ocean. Here the pan is dry and the mud cracked in a characteristic ‘crazy-paving’ way. The colour is silvery-white, and mounds of sand that have been collected by nara bushes and camelthorn trees, along with the huge sand-dunes that are up to 300 m high, give it a slightly surreal atmosphere.

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Photo Credits : timbuktutravel

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