[AIRDROP] CAPITALISE - Plan like a human. Trade like a machine



Project Name: Capitalise

Token name: Capitalise token (CAP)

Airdrop Website: https://airdrop.capitalise.ai/

Short Description: With Capitalise, there’s no more anxiously awaiting the right moment to act. Our natural language-based user interface makes it easy to automate trading scenarios.
The platform integrates with trading accounts on multiple third-party exchanges and brokers, so you can manage all your trades in one place and take control over your trading.

Airdrop Start Date: 30/07

Airdrop End Date: 26/09

Max Tokens per User: 225

Value Per Person: $34.8

Tokens Allocated Towards Airdrop: 4,166,667

Another day, another airdrop.

Well, not so fast. This isn’t any old airdrop. We’re shaking up the status quo for a blend that’s even better.

Because while most airdrops offer a simple token-for-Telegram trade (joining the Telegram community, that is), we’ve got something a bit more, shall we say, sophisticated.

And we’re going big with this one. We’ll be giving away more than 4 million CAP Tokens, worth $1,000,000 USD.

See, we’re not just giving away a small, meaningless amount of CAP Tokens. Instead, we’re giving you more opportunities to participate with an achievement-based airdrop. That means that at the end of the airdrop, you can earn even more tokens — up to 145 CAP — for doing things that you’d do anyway, including joining our Telegram group, inviting your friends, using our platform, etc.

Plus, we’re embracing the competitive spirit with a trading competition. Each day, we’ll be adding 200 USD-worth of CAP Tokens to the prize pot, and each day, the trader whose strategy has the highest ROI will snag some sizable winnings.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose, and 145 CAP Token to gain. Get the airdrop ball rolling and register at http://airdrop.capitalise.ai/ now.

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