Chapter Nasdaq: Cryptocurrencies have every chance to turn into an economic component of the Internet



The acting director of the Nasdaq stock exchange, Adena Fridman, said that modern cryptocurrency technologies are already quite developed. She is confident that in the near future crypto-active will become an integral economic component of the worldwide network. This information Adena shared with the publication of Bloomberg Businessweek.Journalists asked how Nasdaq relates to blockchain and crypto-active assets. Adena Fridman replied that while Nasdaq is still analyzing and exploring its possible work with crypto assets. The president of the company claims that the stock exchange already understands the nature of crypto assets. She is confident that the crypto currency will become the financial element of the worldwide network in the future.

But all the same, Fridman still considers the Crypto currency to be a sufficiently speculative class of financial assets. It emphasizes that crypto assets are not yet widely used in international transactions. Although he hopes that in the future crypto assets will only become more developed and perfect. She also suggested, that now the implementation of trade operations using cryptocurrency will only become more effective. The head of Nasdaq added that she does not yet understand exactly which cryptocurrency will fulfill this function. But he emphasizes that he is sure, that this property will definitely be formed and that the crypto currency will bring considerable benefits to the world economy.Yes, crypto-currencies are associated with advanced technologies. In this industry, every day there are more and more participants.

The Nasdaq Stock Exchange also actively cooperates with crypto-exchange exchanges. Adena Fridman believes that the blockchain system is not suitable for large trading volumes. But she emphasizes that the blockchain has already brought some benefits to some markets.“Paper processes significantly reduce the efficiency of work. We need automation, because it's unreasonable to store everything in a box. Especially if it concerns non-equity securities. The way out of this situation will be the use of blockchain-technology. " - Adena said.She is sure that the blockchain is an innovative and promising technology that can become an excellent tool for Nasdaq. Earlier Adena Fridman said that the company Nasdaq, can turn into a crypto currency.

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