Acquaintance with the Project Team Curaizon and its partners and advisers - 100.00%


Go ahead. The first thing that caught my eye was that there were no founders (founders), all of them were top managers. They asked Nicholas (CEO) about this, but in a personal message they just wrote his questions to him in a personal message and he very kindly answered them. So, Nicholas replied that the founder is one and that is himself. Like this.

Nicholas James Rumble (CEO) - extensive management experience, working in the field of bank investments. Experience with both private and corporate clients.

Chris Matey (CFO) - Chris also has a lot of experience in creating his own companies, as well as in financial analytics and consulting. Work in OrderTrust and CyberCash, whose products are used worldwide.

Darran Trute (CTO) - who is responsible for the technical part? He started as a project manager in Vodafone back in 2000, then there were many years of IT analytics and management, and in the end it all turned into a love for the blockchain and hard work in this area: Block3, Odin Blockchain, etc.

Andrey Verbitsky (ICO Director) - you can not talk about 80 running tokens, a bunch of projects where he was an advisor. It can be said that since August 2017 he has been working as an advisor and architect of tokenomics at ICOBOX.

Luke Lederal (CDO) - apparently Luke in their team the main "nerd". All my life I was engaged in databases, system modeling, data automation, Machine Learning, etc.


And since the team itself doesn’t have much experience in the medical field, they chose the right advisers.

Rory McCrea is a dude who is on the edge of business and medicine. For example. He launched in 2001 a startup that successfully sold in 2010 (this is a whole network of points of care in England and Wales. He is definitely an expert in the field of automation and development of the medical industry.

Sarah Chilvers - also has the skills and experience at the interface of medicine and business. She worked in the national medical organization, was engaged in updating outdated programs and systems, received awards for her contribution to the development of medicine, etc.

Parexel is an organization that is in second place in the world in terms of research volume. 95% of the TOP200 drugs were created on the basis of their research. good partner (and possibly an investor)


Partners in this project are responsible for technology. I just had a question regarding the technical side of the project. and then came the partners, who should help with this. IOT, BigData, analytics, cloud services and cyber security. Great set.


All that seems to be a weak point, because it is not described on the site, it dissipates quite easily when you switch to WhitePaper. Another project in which the leading roles is not a blockchain, but an idea from the physical world. This time medicine, medication and research.

But the blockchain here quietly and quietly performs its role, ensuring the security of client personal data, access to a huge database with Big Data, distribution of rewards for taking tablets and transferring a part to charity.

Blockchain is more likely here - the desire to be up to date. And most importantly - the health of patients and saving money of medical organizations.

I think everything will finally fall into place in the 3rd quarter, for which almost all the main events of the roadmap are planned.

Well, the fact that the project is engaged in ICOBOX also says a lot - there was no scam yet.

The fact that the project is aimed at pharmaceutical companies is definitely a plus and means a constant demand for tokens. - 100.00%

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