My contribution to the theme of the week "ethics of communication in mediablock check voice"

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Communication through social media is fundamental for the growth of people, my mother often says, knowledge is power, an educated person can become very powerful.

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The information that contains a social communication stimulates the interest of those who read it, in some cases they help to stimulate reasoning, that is why what is transmitted in a communication is very important.

Depending on what is being communicated, positive effects can be produced in some people and negatives in others, mostly related to the power of interpretation of the reader, in other cases it can be attributed to the language barrier.

The phenomenon of social networks is something incredible, in the same platform several communication languages ​​coexist, we know that translators in lines are not precise, that is when the communication can be negative.

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Another important issue to highlight, one does not know with what intention the other person is using the social network, in many cases they use it to transmit an erroneous message with the intention of causing discomfort, that is where the individual must have the ability to discern. As it is vulgarly said on the web there is everything and for everyone.

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For this reason, the rules must exist, from our first day of life, we are subject to rules and are fundamental to maintain order in our lives and ensure a coexistence with the rest of the people

Social norms are established to guarantee healthy coexistence in a social network, they are established guidelines to identify what is right and what is wrong. Depending on social networks, there are many ways to penalize the bad. Some are drastic, leading to the disengagement of the social network member

others censor its contents, and those that apply flags affecting the image of the member, even decrease the income from compensation. In the case of our social network, flags are a necessary good, a way to persuade and penalize bad habits within the organization, undesirable acts or actions described in our rules.

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The behavior of the individual within a social network is fundamental for the growth and development of the organization, good practices and good habits, is essential for the growth of the person within the social network.

There are several tips of behavior of people within the social network that guarantees the success of both people and the platform

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Post interesting topics, valuable, true and reliable sources, notes of general interest focused on the profile of the follower, the success of a blog, not only lies in the material that public, you also have to see how many people read you, a successful blogger is one who has a fluid communication with the people who follow and comment on their work.

A platform is successful when the content of its publications is of quality and interest of the readers. Another very important point are the comments in the publications

comments without foundation or anything to do with the material published is not good for anyone and much less comments spam

Typical comments that are often seen on social networks

  • I am new vote my post
  • Follow me and I follow you
  • I voted you, now vote my job
  • I had the initiative to follow you, please follow me.

These are some of the many comments that abound in social networks.


A fundamental point in the ethics of behavior and communication, are the responses to comments, especially when the comment is negative, many factors can be the causes of negativity.

  • Misunderstanding of the reader
  • Bad translation of the material
  • Different views

It is very important the round trip of the comments, this creates links between people, where possible the answer should be as fast as possible.

Another important point in a social network is the management of errors, a very difficult point to address, given that very few people are prepared to receive a criticism. Nobody wants to receive criticism of errors, in this case, we must emphasize self-criticism.

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Errors do not favor anyone, whoever comments on them or the social network in which they publish, the administration of errors is a necessary good, serves for the growth of people and a long-term benefit for the social network. We all make mistakes, not necessarily because we do not know, many times errors are careless or a distraction to control the material before publishing, so that there are hundreds of pages on the web that are dedicated to correct the work of third parties.

Thank you very much for your reading time.

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