My first contest Beautiful walk through Miter Park ("Stations" of @ leylar- Nature does not have bad weather)

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Good morning to all the readers of This is my participation in the contest conducted by @ leylar In the slogan "Nature has no bad weather" For more information enter here

The province of Corrientes is a small town in Argentina, the southernmost country in the world, belonging to South America. The city of Corrientes is located on the Argentine coast. Our city is small, with only one million inhabitants.

The land without evil (Corrientes) has many natural charms, one of them is the river Paraná, the largest river in South America, its route is done by three countries and several provinces of Argentina.

We Correntinos are lovers of nature, we like to spend time in the open air family, the city has many green spaces, we are surrounded by beautiful squares.
There is a place that stands out from the rest, "El Parque Miter", this place is undoubtedly the most beautiful in the city. It is a property of large dimensions, houses the most beautiful trees in the city, including the gomero of India, the oldest tree in the city exceeds one hundred years, its structure is very particular is held by several small trunks.

The Miter Park is a place with a lot of history, before being a park, it was a battlefield, here one of the most bloody battle of the country was fought. The war of the triple alliance we wage against the brother country of Paraguay
This property, in addition to the majestic fig tree of India, is home to other species, such as the tree of the drunken mast There are many anecdotes around this tree, our ancestors the Guarani, they said that this tree was the mother of men because of its great resemblance to a woman

Another species that we can find in this property is the white tree, another giant surviving many storms that were happening over the years.

The sector where palm trees grow, is a very beautiful place to take some beautiful pictures, in this are, my wife, my granddaughter Abigail and my son Ramiro

The property borders the city to the south, the children's playground to the east, the old port to the west and the Paraná river to the north. In one of the images you can see the old lighthouse.

You could not call it a park if the pigeons are not there, usually you can not get close to them, as soon as you fence they take flight, we grabbed them here at lunchtime, we could do this shot

Nature is something incredible, take every space that the human being leaves available, observe this tree as it takes life and grows inside the cement. In the background, the Paraná River and the beautiful parador of sports boats.

The city of Corrientes is a very beautiful place, warm days predominate, the summit varies between summer and spring, winter almost does not exist, the best days to live in my province is spring. How you can see

Nature on earth without evil, It does not have bad weather!

Thank you very much for the company on this beautiful walk through the miter park.

The images correspond to the family album
The camera used Sansung 12.2 mega pixel.

Thank you for your visit
Jose Luis
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