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Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. Today I bring you another presentation of flowers of the earth without evil. My land is very beautiful, it has infinities of beautiful flowers, we have varieties that bloom in winter, but those that bloom in spring predominate, when my beautiful city becomes florid. Riparian trees such as the jacaranda, sneak, ceibo and lapacho open their flowers enrapturing the emblematic waterfront.

On September 21 we commemorate the arrival of spring here on earth without evil, the three months of spring are the 90 most beautiful days to live in the capital of Corrientes, the days are cool and cool, days that we must enjoy to the maximum, since in my country the summer predominates and here the temperatures are very high, often exceeding 40 degrees, the only way to cope, is on the beautiful beaches of my town

On this occasion I want to present this beautiful example of my land, a noble tree, colorful and full of history, I am referring to the "pink lapacho" its scientific name is "Tabebuia impetiginosa". It has its ancestry in the families of the "Bignoniaceae". The "lapacho" is one of the 70 "species" that has its genus, is native to the "intertropical of America", can be found from "Mexico to Argentina", the southernmost country in the world, a very representative tree, has in charge of representing "Paraguay" and "Venezuela" as their "national flower"

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The "lapacho" is very appreciated by the landscapers and gardeners, they use it to decorate their gardens or public spaces, like the squares or the boulevard of the streets, ideal to decorate fifth houses, in my country it is used to signal the streets of accesses to private neighborhoods. Others that look for it are the carpenters, for being a noble wood, of certain resistance, ideal to make products that this out in the open, My ancestors the Guarani Indians used them to make their houses of adobes and canoes

This tree is amazing, depending on its type is the color of its flowering, which can range from "white, yellow, lilac, purple red, or red flowers" may even vary according to its location as we can read below:

  • "Handroanthus chrysanthus, known as araguaney, the national tree of Venezuela, of yellow flower"
  • "Handroanthus chrysotrichus, known as ipê, native to Brazil, yellow flower and exceptional in that it blooms twice a year"
  • "Tabebuia donnell-smithii, called spring, native to Mexico and Cuba, where it is cultivated for ornamentation by its showy bouquets of golden flowers"
  • "Handroanthus impetiginosus, the pink lapacho, native of Bolivia and the Argentine northwest, of pink flower and excellent wood"
  • "Handroanthus ochraceus, the yellow bark tree, cortez amarillo (Costa Rica), of Central America"
  • "Tabebuia rosea, the apamate, rosewood or maquilishuat or ocobo, used for urban ornamentation for having deep roots and tolerating smog well; of pink or white flower, national tree of El Salvador "
  • "Handroanthus serratifolius" the yellow lapacho, cultivated for its extremely resistant wood "
  • "Handroanthus heptaphyllus or tajy, the national tree of Paraguay"

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There is an explanation of why "lapachos" vary their colors depending on where they are. Many years ago, in the conquest of the Guarani, the Guarani god, gave the indigenous Guarani seeds of lapacho, the Indians left in different directions and depending on the direction the seeds were distributed. Each time a colonizer conquered a land he had to plant the seeds of the lapacho, as the tree would grow it would indicate that it was Indian land and depending on the color it was known who belonged to the land, facts and beliefs of the land without evil.

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As you can read The "lapachos" are not simple trees, they are beautiful plants that gives a lot to talk about, worthy of being spread.

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