"Azalea" Flowers of the earth without evil

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Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. Today I bring you another presentation of flowers of the earth without evil. My land is very beautiful, it has infinities of beautiful flowers, we have varieties that bloom in winter, but those that bloom in spring predominate, when my beautiful city becomes florid. Riparian trees such as the jacaranda, sneak, ceibo and lapacho open their flowers enrapturing the emblematic waterfront.

Today I want to present to this beautiful flower of my land, of simple and colorful aspect, one of the "10,000 varieties" that make up its genus, its scientific name is "Rhododendron" in this area of ​​the world we know it as "Azalea" has its ancestry in the "families" of the "Ericaceae." On September 21 began the spring season in my country, when this plant filled its stems with beautiful flowers, we must make the most of its flowering, as they only last a few weeks .

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The "azaleas" are one of the gardeners' favorite flowers, their great commercial capacity tempts the flower growers to plant them, a plant very used to give color to our gardens, and to decorate the home, the landscape gardeners look for their power of decoration, widely used to decorate public spaces, such as plazas, masseters of sanatoriums, income from commercial salons. Etc.

Its cultivation is known for hundreds of years, it likes very much the shady places, it is not very demanding with the soil, it only requires a bit of acidity, it loves the soft and well drained soils, it takes time to grow, it is recommended Periodic pruning, its propagation is by means of the sprout of the segment, many gardeners raise them from their seeds. The azaleas are not spatically from a place of origin, they originate from various places such as "Asia, Europe and North America".

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Depending on their varieties vary the color of their flowers, you can find plants with flowers "pink, red, orange, yellow, purple or white" as I mentioned does not require much work for maintenance, something that should never be absent is water, abundant Water, especially in hot and dry places, when spring approaches is when more water you must contribute to the plant, remember that it is a flowering plant in spring, it is the moment where it requires more water.

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At the time of watering it is recommended to wet the soil, again and again until it is well moistened, we must never wet its flowers or stems, as mentioned, it likes the shady places, which makes it a suitable plant for the interior, there is only to have it in places where it gives natural light, pruning should be done after spring once it has lost its bloom and it is time to create new shoots with its stems.

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As you could read The "azaleas" is not a simple flower, it is a beautiful plant that gives much to talk about, worthy of being spread.

I hope that my writing has been to your liking.

I wish you all happiness and prosperity

The images correspond to the family album

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Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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