Crafts of the native peoples a gift from my land for you

Source: Family album

Good morning to all the readers of On this occasion I want to present some photographs of handicrafts of the original people of my country, unfortunately, direct descendants of our ancestors the Guarani are no longer in my country, there are some small colonies in the interior of the brother country of Paraguay. These crafts correspond to a community called "Toba" or "qom"

The word "Toba" is an Indian terminology, its meaning in Spanish is "frentón" making references to the presences of the people of the time, there are several versions of the name, there are some who say that it is the size of the front of the people, however another makes mention that these Indians had the habits of removing eyebrows, which made the forehead enlarge, these names were used in derogatory ways, on the other hand the word "qom" was used to make references to people, that in their moments they called people.

This community of Indians lived on hunting and fishing, they were very good artisans, they made objects from faces and everything related to nature, these objects were used as money or rather as an object of barter, in their conquests they change these objects for something that interests them. These skills were passed from generation to generation until our days.

For the "Toba" their crafts are a way of expression, through them they express their feelings and let glimpse their customs and traditions, each craft has a history and a meaning. It is very common to see owls or owls in their presentations, these animals symbolize good luck, if you really believe in them, they will bring prosperity to the home, the indigenous people speak of the owl as an observer who sees everything, if you perceive that You have confidence gives you luck.

You can see that there are many hand-shaped crafts extended upwards, this represents the "hand of abundance" but not a personal or family abundance, this for the abundance of an entire community, province or country, so the "hand" works of abundance "you should never ask for one, always ask for the good of the community, the crafts that the artisans present, they all have a mission and a meaning, always with positive effects, they never work with a craft to do an evil .

As you have read, handicrafts are not only an object of decoration, they are works of art that express the feelings of the original peoples of my country, stories, customs and traditions worthy of being disseminated.

I hope that my writing has been to your liking.

I wish you all happiness and prosperity

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis

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