Happiness is in the things that you least seek and that make them worth living (Extraordinary outputs)

Source: Family Album- ixiz Photomontage

Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. Life and destiny is a true mystery, we never know what may happen the next day, that is why we must live every day as if it were the last. Do not look for happiness in material goods, happiness is always there, we should only be able to see it, it lies in the simple and small things of life.

The departures of Sundays have become a classic, the most grateful is my granddaughter Abigail, is expectant to the arrival of the weekend, everything makes us suppose that they will be fun days. Our granddaughter lives listening to the songs of Zenón's Farm. They are songs in which different characters of a farm participate.

The function was scheduled for a specific time, due to an inconvenience in the numbers of the seats, the show began with almost an hour late, the minutes become eternal when one waits for a special event, I must admit that our granddaughter was patient, we only had to buy some stuffed animals from the farm and an allusive pennant.

Solved the problems with the numbers, the long-awaited show could start, started with a parade of farm animals, the presenter was doing an introduction by animal presented to each of them, they are very funny characters.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing children happy and surprised to see their fictional characters come alive in real life. Abigail could not close the mouth of his amazement, these are the things that parents and grandparents fill us with happiness, as I always say, happiness is not in material goods, happiness lies in the small things of life.

The show was a real success, it had good acceptance and concurrence, it was very difficult to take photography and shoot the show. Here a small fragment of the presentation

We spent two incredible hours, pure fun, our granddaughter had a great time and that is what really matters, here are some images that we could take from the event. I hope you find it to your liking.

Our little Sunday strolls are always fun, regardless of the place you visit or the money you have to spend, they always have a good time, because what matters in them is being with their loved ones.

Thus ends our beautiful Sunday, nothing can be done against the disposition of the destination, rather than accept as it is presented and enjoy a beautiful family Sunday, see you next Sunday.

I wish you all happiness, peace and prosperity!

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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