SwachhCoin - a project for our future


          For many years of our existence on the planet   has accumulated a vast amount of garbage and other waste that can   attract a severe environmental catastrophe. Every day, many resources   are mined in different parts of the world, various goods are produced,   but humanity does not provide a sufficiently high purchasing power, and   our nature is not able to recover all resources so quickly.                      

          Waste is buried in the ground, set on fire, we have already   witnessed the formation of garbage islands in the ocean, our planet   requires help.

          The cases of whale ejection from the oceans have become   more frequent; some animals disappear forever because people for so  many  years could not begin to live in harmony with nature and help it  to get  better. 

          The planet is dying, but we can still fix everything and   help, people need to unite to save the situation. SwachhCoin was  created  for this very purpose; it will begin to recycle waste and  collect  garbage.  

SwachhCoin features

          The system works on Blockchain, the goal of the project is   that users will begin to take out the garbage for recycling and for  this  they will receive tokens that can be traded or exchanged for Fiat.                      

          To recycle garbage, it is necessary to ensure its sorting   into a certain category; everyone has to do this and such a system has   been working in developed countries for a long time. But there are   states in which garbage is thrown directly into forest belts and  rivers,  which greatly affects the state of our environment. For these  reasons,  the company plans to pay for the delivery of garbage to  special  reception points.                      

          Due to this, our nature will not be polluted, recycled   waste will go to the manufacture of other goods. Due to the good   self-sufficiency of the project, the cost of new products will be less   than its counterparts, and Blockchain provides an automated chain of   recycling, manufacturing products, as well as stable payments.   


Project Benefits

          Many countries are in dire need of starting such a company   in their own country; respectively, the authorities will contribute to   the construction of such plants.                      

          Each project participant will influence the ecology of our   planet and help create a good future for our children. Many do not even   realize the scale of the impending ecological catastrophe, which can   occur only through our fault.                      

         To influence the current situation, innovative technologies   and artificial intelligence will be applied, as well as mechanical  work  is being created on sorting, processing and producing new products  from  waste. 


ICO details

  1. The number of tokens - 400 million
  2. Soft Cap - 5,000,000 USD
  3. Hard Cap - 18,000,000 USD
  4. The cost of a token 1 Swachhcoin - 0,075 USD
  5. Sale of tokens has already started and will last another 5 days


           This unique project will have an impact not only on our   planet but also on humanity as a whole; everyone will be more attentive   to the environment, will be able to contribute to the preservation of   nature.                    

          Thanks to modern technology, a vast number of  opportunities  are open to us. The implementation of such a project is  essential for  all of us, how quickly our nature will return its beauty  also depends  only on us. Even though some of the users will participate  because of  material rewards, many will register in the project just  because of the  goal that he brings to the world - to make the planet  cleaner. The idea  ofthe project is very relevant in our time, the  pollution of the planet reaches its maximum.                      

          I think that SwachhCoin will be very successful, even in   those countries where the issue of garbage is already resolved.                       

          Thanks to Blockchain opened a vast number of opportunities   that can affect all areas of our lives, and very importantly, the  future  of our children. 

          SwachhCoin is an essential and necessary project today; I think that the number of its users will rapidly grow.   

Links that you can use when studying the project:
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