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Russia is the world's largest country. There is not so much of any other country in the world like Russia. In 2003, the country had a population of 14.45 million more than that. Russia's administrative, commercial, industrial and cultural centers in the Russian capital Moscow. Russia is currently a democratic state. Most people in the country speak Russian. More than 80 languages ​​are more common. The monarchy was earlier in Russia. Christianity is the main religion of Russia. It is rather very difficult and unfavorable for Russia to be bitterly cold. Russia's economy is the tenth largest in the world. In 2000, monthly average monthly income of the Russian people was $ 80, which increased to 21,192 rubles ($ 750) in 2010. Large parts of Russia's economy are dependent on natural resources.

The Russian Emperor Nicholas II was looking at the influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the domestic problem meant that the Communist revolution was a positive sign for the people to take an eye on the people and to ensure power. Apart from Austria, Russia's presence in Serbia is a sure threat to Russia! Although Russia is a backward country, within a very short period, the effects of imperialism free itself and become the world's first industrialized economic and military power. And this is possible only because of a planned economy. The Russian workers were the landowners. They were extremely oppressed and distressed. For decades, the Russian workers were very frustrated because of being absorbed and blown.

The Russian Federation consists of 145 nations. Russia is the world's second strongest army. The largest arsenic The largest Muslim population in Europe is in Russia. The history of Russian Muslims is about 1,100 years in Russia! Moscow's capital of Moscow has at least 25-35 million Muslims living! The history of Ukraine and Russia is composed in the same thread, but close relations with European countries, particularly the neighboring countries, Poland, are closely related to the western part of the country. Russia's influence in the Autonomous Autonomous Crimea, located on the banks of the eastern industrial areas, particularly the Black Sea, is very strong. Until 1954, Crimea was part of Russia. Here is the Russian naval base.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of Islam in Russia has increased. In 1991, there were a total of 300 mosques in Soviet Russia and now more than 8,000 mosques have been built and new mosques are being constructed. Before 1991 there was no madrassa in Russia and now there are 50-60 madrassas and at least 50,000 students are studying in them. In 1991, the number of Hajj passengers from Russia was 40! And more than 18,000 this year. Islam first entered into the 8th century Dagestan. Then in 922, the first Islamic rule was established in Volga-Bulgaria of Russia. Later, Batu Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan won the country in the 1230s. After the conversion of Islam to Islam (Tatar), Islamic rule was established in Russia. Later, although the country could liberate itself from Islam, it was not the last defense.

Russia's flag has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. In July, around 30,000 residents of Vladivostok had a huge ceremony. They stood on a bridge with ten thousand people in white, blue and red in three rows. This triangle flag was called the world's largest "living" flag in Guinness. Marxist Fiction Lennon is the hero of socialism in Russia. Under his leadership, the 'October Revolution' was organized in 1917. Until the death on January 21, 1924, Bolshevik leader Lenin was the country's first head of state. The Evolginski Buddhist temple of Buriatia Republic is known as one of the Buddhist temples of Russia's Buddhist religions. The residence of the main Buddhist beggars of Russia is located here.

There are a number of high quality high school in Russia. Each of their own history, custom heritage and features Any educational place is located in the heart of the city, as the Moscow State University. Others are in the city's suburbs - for example, the physics-technical institute of Moscow. For those well-educated knowledgeable professors, for unprecedented departments, where talented students from Russia and other countries from other countries study.

Russia's military budget is $ 90.7 billion. Which is five percent two percent of the world's total military budget. The Russian Federation constitutes a military force with ground forces, air force, navy, Strategic Rocket Force, Special Forces and Airborne Troops. Regular army members 10,40,000, Reserve Army 20,35,000 and there are 4,49,000 members in the semi-military forces. Russia has 22,710 cavalcade tanks, an aircrafts warship, 15 amphibious warships, five cruisers, 14 destroyers warships, five frigate, 70 caravat warships, 33 nuclear submarines, 17 submarines, 1,264 warships, 195 bombers, 1,667 warships 1,655 armored helicopters and 12 thousand nuclear weapons. Russia exports arms to many countries in the world. Foreign nationals of any country can be included in the Russian military. Permanent member of the United Nations Security Council of the Russian Federation.

In 2002, Russia passed an anti-militant law. Based on this law, some of Tomsk's professors asked to ban Geeta. Their allegation against the Gita was that it spread hatred in society against atheists. It encourages people to create divide between gender, nationality, language, nationality. Russia and India are involved in this dispute with the Gita. India summons the Russian ambassador to Delhi, expressing India's position. Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadkin said the matter was taken seriously. Russia has said that it will take quick action to solve this problem. Ambassador Kadakin said that Russia has the right to practice all religions independently in a democratic country.

Rabindranath Tagore went to Russia in September 1930 at the invitation of the Soviet government.

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