Belgorod City, Russia

Text and images: Alex Markovich.

Belgorod is the city where I was born.

I won’t go into detailed description of Belgorod as you may find official information (industry, agriculture, etc.) on this city in Wikipedia, Britannica and so on. I would like just to share my personal attitude to Belgorod.

Population (with all its outskirts and adjoining territories): about 400 000.

I was born in Belgorod in 1978 (April, 10) and had a chance to catch it as a typical Soviet place. As I have travelled a lot and visited many Russian cities, towns and villages I can say that Belgorod is a quite good place to live. Those who are not happy with life in Belgorod just had not lived in other places of Russia.

I don’t praise or exalt Belgorod, for me it’s just an ordinary Russian city. I’ve been almost in all its pubs, cafes, pizzerias, and restaurants. I did reportage photography on major cultural events. I had taken over 260 full length videos of theatrical performances of Belgorod theaters (both State Drama Theater and three youth theaters).

I travelled to all towns of Belgorod Oblast and in some places I stayed for a week or more. I’ve got hundreds of pictures of the villages of Belgorod Oblast which offer services of “rural tourism”. And in most of these places I tasted (degusted) high quality hooch made by the locals. I’ve been to various rural festivals and fairs. To cut a long story short I had accumulated so much material (textual, photographic, and artistic) on life and culture of Belgorod that at last I decided to share it.

I think this material on Belgorod would be interesting first of all to foreign students who come to Belgorod to study. Also people who come to Belgorod for short period of time on business trips and so on will find something interesting too.

All the posts on Belgorod and Belgorod Oblast you can find by clicking on the following link:

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