US intelligence: Putin will surround apostates

Years of deteriorating relations with the United States and Europe have forced Moscow to reconsider its priorities and strategy. And although to avoid a new wave of restrictions, the Kremlin Ukrainian can make some concessions on the question, no one should expect a quick solution to the conflict in Donbass. It is depicted in the 2018 forecast of a US Stratfor private analytics company, which is available for Apostorfa.

Moscow looks east

As part of our strategy's adjustment, Russia will focus on the Asia-Pacific region in 2018. As DPRK works on nuclear resistance, Kremlin will continue to support the North Korean government by providing fuel. And to maintain business relations with the wicked country, Moscow will try Pyongyang to use the United States as well as a lever for talks with Japan and South Korea.

Russia will also play a key role in Russia's international strategy in 2018. As Russia's largest trading partner, China has contributed to weakening the country's economic dependence on the West. The activation of cooperation will allow the two countries to separate themselves from American pressure and to challenge Washington's strategic position in different parts of the world.


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