Russian alphabet

Let’s draw an analogy with the sounds in the English language.
The following examples will show you some equivalents in pronunciation:
A – sounds very similar to the “a” in the English noun cAr
Б – like b in Bowl, Bit
В – like v in Vine, View
Г – like g in Go, Gear
Д – like d in Do, Deep
Е – like ye in YEt
Ё – like yo in YOrker
Ж – like s in pleaSure
З – like z in Zoo, Zenith
И – like ee in sEE
Й – like y in whY, Yet
К – like k in disK, Kitchen
Л – like l in Lorry, Learn
М – like m in More, Me
Н – like n in Not, Near
О – like o in hOt, and aw in crAWl
П – like p in Potter , Pure
Р – like r pronounced in Scotland or in Spain (thrilled)
С – like s in Saw, See
Т – like t in Track, Tea
У – like oo in bOOt
Ф – like f in Foot, Feet
Х – like h in Hat, Here
Ц – like ts in peTS
Ч – like ch in CHurCH
Ш – like sh in SHoe
Щ – like sh and ch together: SHCH, soft SH’ – raSH CHoice
Ъ – no English equivalent. It makes preceding consonants hard
Ы – no equivalent, but resembles i in Ill or tIll, gOOd
Ь – no equivalent. It makes consonants soft. Like n in Near or t in Tear)
Э – like e in mEt, lEt
Ю – like YOU
Я – like ya in YArd

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