Russian ‘crypto-hypnotists’ help recover lost bitcoin wallets

Hypnosis services are now available for owners of Bitcoin in Russia, who have lost the password for their e-wallet. As a result of hypnosis session, the service is spent five percent of the amount of beet cone and returns.
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According to Denis Derkach, an advertisement on cryptocurrency and the founder of the information platform, this is the first time experts specialize in recovering lost passwords in the cryptocurrency portfolio.
He told that "the service is now on top of demand" because Bitcoin is breaking records.

"Bitcoin skyrocketed, many people bought Bitcoin as toys, became angry," Dargach said, they said that they were "very disappointed by seeing them becoming millionaires." If only they remembered their password. "

He also said that even if you have less than one bitcoin in your account and you still want to remember the password with hypnosis, then the parties can "chat".

Forbes recently estimated that the value of the so-called "dead bits" could be more than $ 20 billion.

Derragach said that he is often contacted by those who bought cryptoculture for a couple of three thousand dollars a year ago.


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