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Playing online games is one of the most popular pastimes, and not just for the youth. The online gaming industry, with huge investments in virtual and augmented reality and an increasing availability of downloadable content, has kept players hooked. According to Nielsen, the percentage of gamers among the general population aged 13 and above was almost 64% in 2016. So, when gaming is such a popular activity, it is only natural to devise ways to earn money from it. Thankfully, there are interesting choices available.

Playtesting or Game-testing
These are jobs where large corporations hire experienced gamers to test a game in the pre-release phase. Testers follow certain guidelines provided to them by the company, and provide reports on any glitches and the overall user-experience. A certain degree of skill and expertise is required for this job. According to an article on The Work at Home-Wife, companies used to search for players in the vicinity of their headquarters, but nowadays remote-testing is becoming popular too.

Mining Tokens The inherent problems of in-app purchases and security aspects of the online gaming industry have led to many users and developers looking to blockchain technology for solutions. Companies like SGame Pro™, a blockchain-based mobile games aggregator, are stepping up to provide monetary benefits for both developers and gamers, through their platform.
They have built a rewarding protocol called Proof-of-Play, which simulates a mining experience by rewarding players for their time and efforts spent gaming on the blockchain platform. Founder and CEO of SGame Pro™, Gip Cutrino, says, “Our platform is transforming single-player mobile games into multi-player ones, which not only enhances the gaming experience, but also rewards players in form of SGM tokens, which can be used across all the games on the platform and also to buy stuff from our Marketplace.”

YouTube Videos
Recording videos of gamers playing popular games and then putting them on YouTube is a popular source of gaming income nowadays. According to research by Ipsos, 56% of YouTube gamers say that the platform is the most viable place to connect with the gaming community, says an article on Think with Google. But remember that YouTube monetizes only those videos that offers step-y-step commentaries and are of educational value. Gamers can’t simply put up videos of them playing the games silently and expect to earn money from that. In fact, social media influencers can make a big difference by promoting games and gaming platforms, earning through their promotional activities.

Tipping Strategy
Other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter’s Periscope are devising strategies to build their image as the ‘go-to’ platforms for professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts. According to an article on Recode, ‘tipping’ is a strategy in the gaming industry where people who watch live streams of their favourite gamers can also actually send them money as a token of appreciation. Facebook is also offering paid deals, along with the chance to earn donations from fans.

Writing a Gaming Blog
This one might seem like a drawn-out process but it can be worthwhile. It helps in establishing credibility within the gaming community. Websites can also be monetized using tools like Google Adsense, which helps to place ads strategically, and generates revenue through impressions and ‘clicks’.

A majority of the methods to earn money involve gamers playing games that they do not enjoy. This is where companies like SGame Pro™ come in with their unique ecosystem.

The SGame Pro™ community and platform enable players to play games from the world’s best publishers and earn tokens at the same time, which they can then use on the publishers’ digital stores or for in-game purchases. For the first time ever, new players are given a portion of the advertisement revenues (ADV) generated by playing.

Here are the reviews I present to you all in finding information and knowing the SGame Pro™ project currently being run by their team, if there is a lack of explaining this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you to get accurate information and of course You will be able to speak directly with their founder or team, at the link.

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