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Investing in cryptocurrency is a modern way of passive income. If at the beginning of the emergence of cryptocurrencies more and more actively engaged in mining, today more and more attention is paid to ICO-projects. But this is a complex market, where a good profit requires serious knowledge not only in the field of Finance and trading, but also a deep understanding of technology. In addition, literally every month there are new cryptocurrencies and hundreds of ICO, the analysis of which requires a lot of time and effort. All this is a serious obstacle for inexperienced investors and hinders the growth of the market.

Safinus is a progressive ecosystem for investing in digital currency and ICO projects on the blockchain. In order to become an investor and get regular profit, you do not need to understand all the nuances for a long time. This platform is suitable both for beginners in this business and for more experienced investors who want to significantly increase the amount of managed capital. For beginners, a pleasant moment is that the organization of the crypto market in this environment is the most convenient and affordable. The platform will bring no less benefits to traders and funds.

With it you can find new customers around the world, as there are no restrictions in the functioning of the platform. Those who want to work with cryptocurrency no longer need to look for information on projects of interest and independently understand all the nuances of their conduct – only proven objects for investment are presented on the Safinus platform.

The main task of Safinus is to create the most optimized process for investments in the digital currency and ICO-projects running on the blockchain. The developers have created an accessible functionality that allows both beginners and advanced traders to work on the platform.

  • Individual user resource management
    • Optimized the mechanism to create personal portfolios of investors
    • Automated ranking of portfolios, which is based on the rates of return on separate blockchains
    • Voting system for a new digital currency and developed by the ICO projects
  • Unique digital currency exchange
  • Wide functionality of tools for managing processes in the network, analysis and automation of asset management strategies
    • A mechanism for the creation of a portfolio on the platform

The user creates a personal portfolio and invests in it. He can somehow allocate funds to support various ICO projects. All transactions related to the portfolio are visible only to its owner. The information that is available to other investors is the profitability of a particular portfolio. That is, they can assess the status of the portfolio and want to join it. At the same time, they will receive a fixed share of its profitability. The last indicator will also depend on the base amount of the investor's Deposit.

There can be many different cryptocurrencies in one portfolio. For example, you can put bitcoins and ethers there, and the total value of the portfolio will be determined by the total indicators. The portfolio owner will have access to all transactions through their own internal Safinus exchange.

To become a part of the Safinus platform, you need to create your account and replenish the balance of 200 SAF system tokens. In the future, the platform Commission will be debited from this account, which is 10% of the investor's profit. At the same time, net profit figures are taken without starting capital.

The stages of work on the platform:

The creation of a personal portfolio
Funding your account using a token
Creating individual conditions for the functioning of the portfolio for investors
Consideration of the portfolio by investors and their accession
Income generation for owner and investors

The company consists of strong and highly qualified specialists, who in my opinion are able to implement this project, and I hope they will succeed.

The team consists of large specialists from various industries with many years of experience. The key participants can be found on the official website, there you will find links to their personal accounts on social networks.

Finance is the area where huge changes and innovations are taking place. In a couple of years the industry can change dramatically and it is absolutely logical and correct. We need to support such projects and monitor their development. Let's wish good luck to developers and let's make our world better together!

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