Safinus-investment solution

So what is Safinus?
Safinus is a blockchain-based investment platform for users who are willing to invest in profitable cryptocurrency and ICO portfolios. The platform has an internal exchange, as well as the ability to integrate with several large third-party crypto-exchanges. This will allow managing traders to make transactions at the best prices with low Commission. To make a portfolio, a managing trader has to invest his funds at the beginning. After that, the portfolio gets into the rating, where each user of the platform can see the trading performance and give their funds to one or more traders. All transactions of traders are recorded in the blockchain and are available to all users. The goal of Safinus is to make cryptocurrency investments available to everyone, from the novice to the professional.

One of the reasons why I chose this platform - ICO-projects that help the development Krepost have better financial performance and survival. In addition, I am very interested to try their platform on myself.

At the beginning of 2018, there were not so many FINTECH projects that come to the ICO. At the same time a huge number of decentralized platforms for games, crowdfunding, real estate, storage of information and even for obtaining energy, which also deserve attention. But it is difficult to determine which project to consider first.

Platform Safinus allows new investors to contact crepundia, professional traders and investors checked in seconds.

Individuals or organizations that have proven and successful trading experience can run their portfolios on the platform using SAF tokens. They can then set Commission fees, attach and exit conditions for any investors who join their cryptography management portfolio. Portfolio managers also receive a percentage of the profits earned from each portfolio.

The platform itself generates estimates for each portfolio and sorts them based on these ratings. All information about the portfolios, of course, confirmed by the Blockchain technology.

Investors are presented with all portfolios and can join any portfolio they want. In fact, they are not limited to the number of portfolios they can participate in.

Other unique features that Safinus offers:
The platform offers large and serious investors the opportunity to manage their funds on a personal scale with the best of the best.
To the platform Safinus will be gradually added tokens crytalline and ICO. However, to protect investors from potential scams, each new addition to the platform will be carefully analyzed and introduced only after a cohesive community has voted in it.
The platform will also make life easier for traders by allowing them to conduct their business on several leading exchange platforms simultaneously through the internal universal interface developed by Safinus.
Moreover, the platform Safinus developing a completely decentralized, ensuring maximum transparency and security for all participants.
The advantages of the platform Safinus
Globalization of activities.
Automated asset management strategies.
The ability of traders to provide proof of return for investors, increasing their trust and attractiveness.
The ability to adjust the terms of the management of assets that the trader is using.
A diversified portfolio with a fixed currency and the traditional stock market instruments.
There is no need to understand the operating mechanisms underlying Blockchain, crypto and ICO.
Investors face much lower entry barriers.Eight
Investors can confirm that the income received by the trader or the Fund is actually genuine.
Zero chance of becoming a victim of fraud and distribute funds by traders or Fund managers.
Each portfolio also has a trader's funds. Therefore, motivating them to manage assets responsibly and actively.
Investment in the authentic ICO, which was approved and checked all the community of traders.
Investors can access their funds at any time.
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