98% of ICO it to scam!

By data for last year (the Russian association of cryptocurrencies and a blockchain has provided) from nearly thousands of projects which have been announced and output to the stage ICO "have till today lived" only tens. The terrifying statistics: about a quarter of all startups have collapsed even before start of a stage on fund raising; about 67% of projects couldn't collect the sum which needed; as a result, there were 8% of commands which really managed to collect the necessary amount of funds. But also it is not all. 5% from the remained 8% were closed at once after ICO and only 3% from all above-mentioned projects still somehow work.

What do we receive as a result? 25% of all companies which suggest kriptoinvetor to invest in their idea are usual unreasoned baby's dummies which won't even be able to create all necessary conditions for further start of collecting financial aid from the interested people.

The terrifying number of startups (67%, nearly two thirds) raise a certain quantity of funds and just vanish.

As for that part of successfully complete ICO (8% which are expressed in $300 million), even among them 5 of 8 parts just vanish at once after completion of collecting, and these are about 187 million dollars, by the way. To be fair, It is necessary to tell that sometimes money returns, but it isn't frequent.

It turns out that only 113 million dollars of investments into domestic ICO are repaid and bring income to successful investors.

Only one conclusion arises. In a CIS segment it is worth investing only in those projects to which you trust for all 100%. Adventures and rates on good luck just don't have the place as the chance of success is far even from 50%.

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Investments into ICO, review and analysis of tokens

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