Scanetchain - future is closer than you think.

Augmented Reality this the technology which is proving itself as a very useful tool in our everyday lives, but that do not mean the technology immediately become successful. Always need a mastodon, which will be able to promote the technology to the masses, and it will be Scanetchain.

Scanetchain is the first commercial dApp, built on the NEM platform, developed for the commercialization of Blockchain. They want create multiple platforms, which will gather in itself advertisements, products and contents.

Good purpose, but what the future of AR market?

At the moment, the market for AR/VR industry is estimated at $4 billion and this figure is constantly growing. There are 380 million ARKit compatible iPhones, that will grow to 500 million by the end of this year and 850 million by 2020, and that is just iPhones, according to industry expert.

It is so far telling us that this market is not easy at all. Anyway, so far, the results positive and say to us, that this sphere very perspective.

How does it work?

All the work is tie to the AR technology. Storage of information will made on Scanetchain AR-based cloud. NEM technology will be use to ensure the user’s data is fully secure. In addition, the platform will provide the possibility of certification of their products and the provision of copyright for a particular product.

They want to be the biggest company, which will operate both off-chain and on-chain, and it will be divide into four main sections:

The nearest goals of the project?

At the moment, the project is going to enter a new market in Singapore, as well as to expand the range of partners in America and Korea. In the near future, they will appear on the leading crypto-currency exchanges and begin to develop other markets.


Among the partners of this project, several crypto-currency projects such as Gifto and NEM have been highlight, but largely Scanetchain partners are leading Asian corporations such as FIA, Hosho and AlphaPlus.

Why did I decide to invest in Scanetchain?

This promising project wants to become a leader in a new, growing field. Unlike many other companies, it has the prerequisites for this, from working technology and ending with a good team.
This company has a clear development plan and, judging by the road map, follows it.
I know that the main goal of the developers of this project is to improve our daily lives. They really want to achieve this goal and are doing everything possible to do so. I have not seen such burning eyes of developers for a long time.
To sum up, we can say that this is a promising project, trying to launch something new that we have not seen before. They gathered in their team of good engineers and developers who have long established themselves.

Team Scanetchain

In my opinion, this is one of the few projects that follows its road map and implements everything it promised.

Coin info:

Token: Scanetchain
Abbreviation: SWC
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, XEM
Total supply: CSZ
1 BTC = 89,462 SWC
1 ETH = 4,963 SWC
1 XEM = 1.7 SWC
More info:



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