Scavo technology is an modern blockchain organisation set up in Argentina specialized in the construction of statistics center infrastructure for crypto-mining the use of renewable assets. It offers an wise, scalable, environmentally friendly solution with the potential to maximize power resources with 0 carbon footprint, herbal and self-sufficient.

Scavo technologies method consists of three major aspects. An self sufficient mining unit is a unit that is ready to be mined with all the vital hardware, an lively and passive cooling system, it is prepared to receive strength, has an facts control middle for facts management, and has video recording capabilities. This makes it easy to start coin mining in a brand new area. any other component in their method is the power technology unit. this may deliver electricity to autonomous mining devices by using making use of wind, solar energy, hydro power, or the like. Any excess electricity created may be sent to the nearby energy corporation for demonetization. The strength generating unit will be very scalable and modular for clean growth. The third issue of the Scavo technology approach is an incorporated statistics middle. this will manipulate all components of mining. through creating their own strength plant life, they eliminate plenty of uncertainty approximately electricity price fluctuations. It need to additionally reduce costs and thereby growth mining profitability.

Scavo technologies will create an environmentally pleasant device for cryptocurrency mining that is sustainable for the long time. it's best to look them take a protracted-term approach to their commercial enterprise model. Cryptocurrency looks like it is here to live, and with that comes the want for green cryptocurrency mining operations like Scavo technologies. This team is likewise very experienced.


so that it will perform a large-scale task it is important to have exclusive sources which include economic, physical, technological, human, and so forth. throughout the special tiers of research and development (R&D) SCAVO technology managed to forge numerous links with era agencies, manufacturers and exceedingly certified personnel in one-of-a-kind parts of the sector.

within the same manner we are hoping if you want to establish a long-time period relationship with our buyers that lets in us to grow collectively via clear phrases and conditions.

The SCAVO Token will be entirely sponsored by means of the mining hardware in addition to with the aid of other system that is part of the renewable strength era plant with a view to exist in a real physical region producing crypto belongings 24x7.

The SCAVO Token is primarily based on a smart contract at the Ethereum community. it's miles an ERC-20 token, the de factor widespread of nowadays′s tokens.

each obtained token permits the holder to get right of entry to the utilities produced based totally on the fashions of operations stipulated in the whitepaper. on this way, the proprietor of the SCAVO Token acquires the proper to get hold of earnings proportionally to the quantity of token that he holds, for existence. it's miles understood as such, to the period with the aid of which running fees do not exceed the profits to be acquired.



At SCAVO technology, we firmly agree with that investments in crypto sustainable mining are the most worthwhile alternative for long-time period profits and this is why our thought is to strengthen the link with investors via clean policies.

SCAVO technology, besides of imparting an clever method to the hassle of the era and intake of strength of the crypto mining farm, by using lowering the cost of electricity to its maximum expression, we make participation within the enterprise greater on hand and easier for everybody wordlwide, no matter their expertise and wealth.

Our dedication to the SCAVO network is such that it lets in active participation in making vital decisions that could affect the corporation, through the usage of smart contract voting.


At SCAVO technology we've three easy standards we continually comply with. The paintings must be performed as a group. The implementation of the answer ought to be smooth to apprehend. The answers ought to be available by way of the general public.

using those 3 principles as a manual, we agree with that in spite of the increasing problem of mining in widespread, irrespective of the crypto forex to be mined, we can develop a profitable funding software for the market via the advent of collectively beneficial tasks which are available to most of the people, clean to apprehend and based on cutting-edge technology.


To reach the objectives proposed in our improvement, it turned into vital to work on the concept of "enterprise"; that is to acquire the highest diploma of efficiency and automation of the viable procedures for choice making. The guidelines that manual our idea ponder get right of entry to to smooth strength and at a completely low cost, using commercial grade components for the manufacture and assembly of the unique units that make up the crypto mining complex, strength efficiency and the vital robustness to carry out the crypto mining technique within the long time.

This has allowed us to provide an smart approach to the trouble of access to power at aggressive expenses and consequently make a contribution to the principle of decentralization as well as ease get admission to to the usage of generation to the majority.

Token Details

Token Ticker: SCAVO

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20


Total Token: 200,000,000

Price: 1 USD = 1.0 SCAVO

Accepting: BTC, BCH, ZEC, ETH, ETC, XMR, DCR

Softcap: 500,000 USD

Hardcap: 83,600,000 USD


With the imaginative and prescient to recognition on self-sustainability, scalability and giving all and sundry the opportunity to be an lively element in choice making SCAVO ensures the destiny of blockchain era. SCAVO intends to cast off imbalance deliver of electricity and affords unbalanced distribution of strength through the years and space. hence, it will likely be every other answer for the exceptional electricity expenses in the marketplace. Their personal energy era stations are a long-time period funding. folks who are willing to make investments within the SCAVO undertaking will have lifetime income.



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