SCAVO's commercial token model is the basis for SCAVO technology. SCAVO signs, obtained by investors, have other meanings. These investor tokens symbolize their role in the mining mine. Therefore, these tokens take them from the mountain economy for life. They aim to create an independent and measurable mining center using renewable power sources for electricity generation. Distribution of SCAVO tokens in the Initial Placement of coins will bring financial strength to SCAVO technology. Then they will impose the construction of a central mountain system. Estimated maximum amount of money collected is 83.6 million dollars. And the minimum amount is 500,000 dollars. SCAVO Technology is a company based in Argentina. They dig themselves in building a data center for extraction of crypto using renewable power resources.They aim to create large-scale crypto-agriculture Bitcoin and Altokon. The current SCAVO is an ERC20 marker based on an intellectual contract in the Ethereum network. It has great support from mining equipment, as well as other equipment in the system. Investors are given tokens. Acquired tokens in return give the investor profit from the mining farm. Owners of tokens benefit from all the advantages of the farm.

Energy consumption in the IT ecosystem

The recent basis shows that the IT sector is the main energy sector in the world. Approximate amount - from 1400 to 1600 trillion. This is 10% of the electricity produced worldwide. China and the United States are the leading energy-intensive countries in the world. By 2030, the price of energy will increase. In addition, cloud computing will consume huge amounts of energy in 2030. According to cloud computing, the fastest growing application is the development of crypto currency. The amount of energy consumed by Bitcoin and Etherium is also hard. Energy efficiency will be circumvented by transactions, minors and market capitalization. Only those who can safely access electricity at affordable prices can work better in the IT sector.

The global electricity market

Although the world is developing at a rapid pace, there are differences between the supply of electricity in developing countries and developed countries. Over the next 30 years, the demand for electricity will grow by about 70%. Production of electricity in the future will mainly be covered by fossil fuels. In the future, electricity will be regulated by new technologies, such as several intelligent actors creating a better balance.


Energy supply is the main factor that depends on the crypto-mining business. Thus, the price and availability of electricity are important for crypto-extraction. This led to the search for cheap energy in mining operations. The main way is to get energy from fossil fuels. This action of countries with low socio-economic conditions has led to climate change and harmful consequences. Dirty energy supply, along with the intervention of some countries in mining operations, caused manipulation. This opened to miners the problems of fluctuations in energy prices and regulatory changes. SCAVO aims to use traditional energy on its own, generating energy from renewable energy sources. Mostly this applies to solar energy. Thus, SCAVO is a climate-friendly platform.

Three clearly defined units

(01) Stand-alone mining unit

a) Mining center

b) Refrigeration

c) Supply

d) Information control center

e) Network video recording

(02) Power generation unit

(03) Unified data center

Solar resources

Direct radiation

Diffuse radiation

Reflected radiation

Different types of solar panels




Thin sheet


By striving to focus on self-sufficiency, scalability and giving everyone the opportunity to be an active participant in the decision-making process, SCAVO provides the future of blockchain technology. SCAVO intends to eliminate the imbalance of energy and provides an unbalanced energy distribution in time and space. Thus, this will be another solution for various energy prices in the market. Their own power plants are long-term investments. Those who are ready to invest in the SCAVO project can receive a lifetime profit.



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