Welcome my dear readers. Today I have prepared for you a review of the new project. In this review we will review the main strengths of the project and its prospects.SciDex – decentralized platform sharing of data. More precisely, it simplifies them. The purpose of ScIDex is to simplify the task of scientists to find information and deploy research on the data.

SciDex uses Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to exchange scientific data and mutual enrichment.

SciDEX Features

Reward system: automated and manual system of compensation in SciTokens for the contribution, loyalty and service on the SciDex Marketspace.

Community votes: a community-driven voting system that allows trusted members to vote actively and collectively for key solutions for the SciDex Marketspace.

Ranking system: a community-driven ranking system that improves the quality and safety of the platform by establishing a proven confidence rating among all market participants.

Trusted members: the title of trusted member, which is awarded to the most active, engaged and recognized members of the community, provides social distinction and a number of unique privileges in the market space.

Details ICO
The only detail that is provided by the team is that the platform will run on the Ethereum Blockchain and the Ticker will be SDX.

Team SciDEX

The team looks promising. It's just a mix of engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs from important projects and schools who have solid experience. The team works on advanced technologies that contribute to the progress of society, including big data, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and blockchain. I encourage you to take a look at their Linkedin profiles.

Overall results

SciDex is a revolutionary platform that opens up new opportunities for the blockchain and directs it to the search for information. Also, the project uses artificial intelligence to simplify the search, and also many other frameworks for clustering, systematization of data.

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