Seal Network - platform to verify the authenticity of any goods

Seal Network is a blockchain-powered platform designed for product authentication. The software lets users quickly, confidentially, and economically check the authenticity of any goods registered in the ecosystem of Seal.

How It Works

The Seal patent-protected technology is founded on the Near Field Communication technology chips. The latter are easily and effectively integrated with any physically manufactured production. In the process of this integration, the goods are paired with the corresponding digital counterparts within the blockchain framework. This system provides customers with an opportunity to check every product with a simple tap from any smart device – a smartphone, a laptop, and others. All that you need to do is to register in the system of Seal and download its application.

Seal Network App

It is a user-friendly program, compatible with both Android and iOS. The App offers a number of functions, such as verification of the authenticity, transfer of ownership or inventory management. The program will be available for free at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store later in the year.

Products in Seal Network App are represented as the data on NFС chips, a sort of RF identification tags. The identification of these objects is performed via radio waves and the blockchain technology. In order to scan the chosen product, a user should hold it in close proximity to his gadget, wait for the App to start identification and then get the results of the check.

Purposes of the Project

Restoration of people’s confidence in manufacturers

Nowadays many customers don’t trust product producers. They often have to buy low quality, overpriced, and even dangerous goods that are being sold as original and high quality ones. For this reason, brands get a poor reputation, and it becomes a real problem for customers to sell their items on the after-market.

Protection from counterfeiting

Statistically, every year over $2.8 trillion worth of products are being falsified. Every fifth item manufactured by Chinese companies is a counterfeit. Even worse, it’s very difficult to distinguish original production from counterfeits. Not only clothes and cosmetics are being forged, but also automobile parts, aero-structures, and even healthcare products. It is a serious problem for people from all over the world.

As the project’s developers say, Seal Network will let people protect themselves from counterfeiting, make the global market more transparent, and restore confidence in high quality brands.

Token Sale

The project’s coins are ERC-20 compliant SEAL Tokens. They will be issued in the amount of 1,200,000,000 Tokens. 1 SEAL costs $0.0800. The company’s fundraising goal is $33,000,000. During the token sale – it is prescheduled at 13th to 27th May, 2018, – the developers will realize 41% of their currency. The minimal personal cap is 1 Ethereum, the maximum cap has not been determined.

The Seal’s currency is available at the pre-sale, too. During this period, the coin’s price depends on the amount spent. By the end of the ICO, all unsold SEAL tokens will be distributed proportionately among all the sale participants. The developers are not going to burn unrealized coins. China and the USA are not allowed to take part in Seal Network’s token sale. As for other countries, their residents will be able to purchase this cryptocurrency for Ethereum only.


The project was started at the beginning of 2018. The team of Seal set up the legal and business structures of the ecosystem and made strategic partnerships with a number of organizations. The second quarter of the year will be devoted to making partnerships with different suppliers and standardization of HR processes. Later, the developers are planning to scale the technology division, develop and address the needs of certain niche categories, and deploy the enterprise sales strategy for the purpose of creation of a unified and scalable sales approach for all Seal engagements. By the end of 2019, they’ll create the Seal affiliate programme and the certification scheme for value-added resellers.


The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company is Bart Verschoor. He can boast of an impressive business development experience at a number of world-known enterprises, such as Dell and Deloitte. Being deeply interested in IT, innovation, and blockchain, Bart is a teacher of the University of Groningen and a member of Mensa, the worldwide high IQ society.

The project’s Chief Operating and Technical Officer Founder is Joris Verschoor, a person with excellent technical abilities, a passion for innovation, and an unusual way of looking at things. At the age of six, Joris began writing code, whereafter he got interested in building multiple solutions and diverse product strategies for different employers. The list of Seal’s developers includes also Ilya Rool (Public Outreach Director), Yuri Scholte (Business Development), Alexandra Moraga Pizarro (Blockchain Specialist), Kian Ghiri (Content Specialist), Willem Nauta (Online Networks), and other.

The ecosystem of Seal is supported by Max Blom Sr. (Founder and President of, Cees Geel (ex-Vice President of NXP Software), Petri Kuivala (Senior Information Security Specialist of NXP Semiconductors), Esther Jacobs (Freelance Brand Detective), and others.


The platform will let people quickly and easily verify the authenticity of their favorite goods, which seems to be an excellent opportunity to get rid of counterfeiting and support high quality manufacturers. If the developers manage to translate their plans into reality, the system of Seal has a great chance of success.
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