Contributing to the SIA Education @ ISC Advisory Board

I was just asked to extend my role as an Advisory Board member on the SIA Education @ ISC Advisory Board for an additional year.   

SIA Education program at the ISC West security conference has grown into a respected resource for education in the industry, attracting over 1100 participants at ISC West 2018. I have enjoyed being part of this group for several years and thoroughly enjoyed presenting keynotes for the converged security event in 2016 and 2017.  

ISC West is an enormously large and influential conference for the physical security industry and over the past few years began expanding to include digital areas of threats and protection. As aspects of cybersecurity intersect, we are witnessing a mesh across technology, solutions, services, and customer expectations. The lines continue to blur, with modern professionals needing an understanding and resources in both physical and cyber domains to seize opportunities and manage risks.   

I am honored to accept being on this board for an additional year, to help drive collaboration, education, and partnership across the collective security industry.  I believe professionals should contribute to the industry with knowledge sharing, connecting others, and to pursue beneficial ideas for greater impact.  Together we succeed.

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