The generation

 Hey, people! Do you ever notice who lives side by side with you? Who are you surrounded with?
If you just cast a glance, you will notice plenty of trendy-looking young people with their eyes
fixed on smartphones, busy fingers playing with buttons. Who on Earth are they, you will wonder.
Here comes the answer, quick as lightning and far more predictable: they are bloggers. As per
some recent stats, the number of social media users world-wide will have grown up to 2.6 bln
people by the end of 2018. Is it possible that there exist so many bloggers on our planet? The
answer may vary as it depends on who we consider as such.
We would say bloggers mainly fall into 2 groups: bloggers by vocation and bloggers by
avocation. In other words, there are professional bloggers and amateur bloggers.
Professional bloggers
Maybe in your area these are not as broadly representative. They may very well be older or not
at all trend-setting. But still, despite their looks and personal habits, there are several things that
unite them all. First and foremost, it is stable high-quality Internet access, the ability to use a
computer, surf the net, read and type. Kidding. Of course, all that is not enough to become a pro
blogger as there are some more distinctive features to tell them from the rest of amateur
bloggers — or simply ambitious Internet users.
These guys seem to never get lost in the vacuum of our increasingly crowded lives despite all
daily distractions. Maybe the reason is that it is in their bones — the ability to select and
defragment useful chunks of info in the overarching chaos of content. Literally.
But one would argue that being a blogger takes much more than simply acquiring knowledge and
adapting existing data to your needs and likes. And we would just admit that it is the primary
step. And the next ones are, as follows: building on the consumed stories and images and
generating content. And then, of course, sharing through posting.
Also, no active social life can do without mutual appreciation so we must not forget liking and
reposting peers’ content as well as commenting.
Believe me or not, but even now we are not done with that. As you may remember, we made our
mind to start with professionals. Which means that what they do — create content, post it where it
could be posted and tip thousands of views, gain recognition and so on — they do not do for fun.
Okay, not only for fun. They also earn their living on that by selling ad space to advertisers if their
accounts are frontmost and directly promoting their goods and services through catchy content –
and again posting it on their personal pages.
Amateur bloggers
All the aforementioned actions make up an exhaustive to-do-list of a blogger. Who by default is a
social network user, too. Seems that any of the Facebook or Instagram users, for example, can
be regarded as unprofessional bloggers. As a reminder, their total number is no less than 2.6 bln
people! Or will be such but in less than a year’s time. Though it may sound unbelievable to you,
we see this as reality that should bring us the right conclusions.
Apparently, one would be eager to know ultimate difference between pros and amateurs in the
sphere of blogging.Above all, we strongly believe a blogger by birth should have juice and be able to influence the
crowds. It is also more than natural that the quality of a professional blogger’s photos should be
at the expert level. To add to that, a payed blogger has to purposefully carve time out every day
to make good photos and meaningful posts whatsoever. While an amateur does not have to
squeeze ideas out of themselves if they are not in the mood for that.
All in all, regarding affordable smartphones with pretty sensitive cameras and social networks as
part and parcel of our lives, to-date it is easier to become a blogger than to avoid it.
Of course, given quite a rich choice of social media (by early 2018), we should note that a set of
possible actions slightly varies from network to network depending on their usability.
Social networks nowadays
Let us look round all popular social networks across the globe. There appear plenty of them but
the focal point of our attention is those who have gotten minimum 300 mln active users by the
start of 2018. Strange as it may seem, there are as many as 13 social networks that have met
this criterion. They include the well-known giants such as Facebook and Instagram, the latter
network being 5 positions and more than 1.3 bln users behind the former one! Moreover, on this
list are some relatively unpopular social networks like QQ or Sina Weibo. We do not see any
point in spending time on those.
Let us concentrate on the most widely used social media, which turn out Facebook and
Instagram. At once, we will notice that YouTube is off the list as its video format does not seem
to suit all and for an amateur it is far more difficult to make top-notch videos than photographs.
Just a tad of pallid statistics now.
Statistically, 1.2 trillion photos overall were taken in 2017. With that in mind, you will see that 110
bln (FB) plus a bit more modest 20 bln pictures (Insta) that we yearly upload on these 2 media
platforms make a lion’s share of the total number of photos.
We remind you that the current data is accurate as of January, 2018, and may change in an
unpredictable way further on. Before you know it, you’ll be old and withered and they will take all
your money.
Visual content nowadays
As long as people keep feeling the unstoppable desire to make selfies and photos of their
surrounding friends, animals and food, we will keep living in a great world of digital, Internet,
social networking and visual content. By estimate, almost 5 out of 7.5 bln people have
smartphones. Almost all of these make photos, upload them somewhere in the social-media
space. The corresponding figures can be found above.
As our CEO goes — and we have every reason to believe him — visual content (mainly,
photographs) is the king of all and ‘makes the Internet go round’.
Problems nowadays
However, these are the following burning issues on the agenda that can be easily called
1. Social networks hosting your visual content do not pay you off.2. Currently, it is much more complicated for a beginner blogger (see Amateur bloggers) to
turn into real masters (see Professional bloggers) with a huge fanbase. This phenomenon
is caused by the ever-evolving if not mutating social network promotion mechanism.
3. Only pro bloggers, who have been in SMM for years, get paid. What is interesting, these
are the advertisers who pay them, not media holders!
4. As for the ‘ordinary bloggers’, they have no choice but consume ads day by day for free
and with no incentives for their contributions.
5. The abovementioned media moguls make unimaginable sums of money on advertising at
our expense. 40 bln at Facebook and 2 bln dollars at Instagram, to be precise.
6. No social network has ever cared about helping the needy.
Having weighed all pros and cons, we come to realize that we all desperately need a system that
will give bloggers:
1. The same functional features as social networks do;
2. Something really valuable to add to that:
 Rewards for contributions — in a safe and transparent way, through Blockchain;
 An opportunity to buy and sell photos — in a safe and transparent way, through
 Healthy competition through likes, ratings, multipliers, Photo Contests and Photo
Quests — in a safe and transparent way, through Blockchain;
 A chance to donate to a charity you like — in a safe and transparent way, through
Blockchain.We have mentioned Blockchain numerous times as it is crucial.
SELFFLERY is the one to have it all.
To say that we are a visual content rewarding platform on Blockchain is not nearly enough to
express our spirit. But that is okay for the start.
We are safe and secure, thanks to SELFLLERY Copyright Verification and Photo Authenticity
Approval modules. And to Blockchain.
Do you really think about who lives side by side with you? Or just pretend you do?
Are you willing to be there for those who need you — the fatherless, the homeless, the ill, the
NO — you can pile enough tomorrows and stay where you are.
YES — you can make a better choice and do good with SELFLLERY. 

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