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Email-mailing is one of the most important tools in Internet marketing and one of the tangible items of expenditure, taking into account the tariffs of cloud services. We in the information Box found an opportunity to save money without sacrificing quality and functionality. And now we want to tell you about the software for mailing, which we use ourselves.

What Sendy is capable of

The main difference between Sendy and most email products is that It doesn't work in the cloud. To start you need to install the application on the server or hosting. This inconvenience is compensated by the cost of mailings. Paying 59 dollars for a license, you can send 10 thousand letters for $ 1.

In terms of functionality, Sendy is almost in no way inferior to other tools. Everything you need to maintain a database of subscribers, segmentation, mailing and tracking results here. Sendy allows:

• generate visualized reports that reflect the number of recipients,
open letters, the target of the action, unsubscribe, subscribers, etc.;
• organize campaigns into groups and give customers access to a specific group,
• so that they can conduct their own mailings;
• set up automatic mailings and a series of letters;
• you can segment subscribers, including custom fields;
• see the status of the subscriber in the database and delete those who unsubscribed, sends emails to spam or complain about the mailing list;
• integrate the application with the site on WordPress, Joomla, Magento and some other CMS,
to collect contacts in the subscriber base;
• integrate software with Google Analytics and 750 more applications via Zapier;
• set up two-factor authentication;
• send emails with attachments.

Sendy send newsletters via Amazon SES, which ensures good deliverability and high speed. The daily limit is set by the user independently. The software is developing, for the installation of updates do not have to pay extra.

Terms, rates, and interface

To use Sendy, you need to pay for the license, download the distribution and install the software on your hosting. Detailed instructions and set up - on the official website. One-time payment-59 dollars or 3 500 rubles. to Renew the license after a year is not necessary. The budget for mailing is laid at the rate of 1 dollar per 10 thousand letters. For clarity, we compare the tariffs of 3 popular cloud services, email newsletters.

Sendy is advantageous to use for mailing more than 15,000 per month with a base size of more than 2,500 subscribers. With smaller volumes, you can find free offers from other suppliers.

The internal logic of the program

After authorization Sendy offers to choose a brand. This is the top of the hierarchy essence of the software. Each brand is a separate account with its own lists, campaigns, and templates. This is convenient for those who are professionally engaged in email marketing. You can create individual brands for each client, give them access, set daily limits and individual tariffs.

The block on the left shows the account parameters-region, daily limit, the speed of distribution, etc.

The brand page displays mailings with statuses, a number of recipients, dates, and statistics on openability and targeted actions. Left block with the parameters of the account is changed to a menu of the brand — to create a campaign, open the templates and subscription base. The last menu item — reports, but about them later.

If you want to create a similar newsletter on the same database, you can copy it in one click

If you click on a planned campaign or draft, the edit and settings page opens. Clicking on the items with the Sent status will open a report on the results.

Templates and editor

When you create a mailing system offers to choose a ready-made template or compose a letter from scratch. To do this, Sendy has an editor with WYSIWYG and HTML formats.

Under the editor window-a list of HTML-tags that can be used in the work, and to the left of it — mailing settings — subject, name, and address of the sender and others. Below there is a field for utm-tags and a button to download files-attachments.

Analytics and reports

In addition, to click and open statistics, which can be seen in the list of sent mailings, Sendy has detailed reports. On the first screen-data on the countries and behavior of subscribers in graphical form. However, indicators by country uninformative — to calculate Sendy uses the email address domain, not the actual location of the recipient. On the right, the chart — statistics openings, clicks, bounced and ignored emails and also unsubscribe and clicked "spam" by recipients. Below-the same parameters in percent.

Under the graphical part of the report — statistics of clicks on each link, the last 10 subscribers who opened the letter, unsubscribed from the mailing list and sent it to spam, as well as a list of those to whom the letters do not reach. Most of the data from the reports can be uploaded to a CSV file for further work.


Sendy is an inexpensive tool with all the necessary functionality. If it is in some way inferior to cloud services, we did not notice it — there are enough opportunities to solve the problems of the information Box. Of the inconveniences-the need to install and configure and the English interface. But the first pays off with favorable tariffs, the second, if very much interferes, is solved by the translation into Russian — on the website, there is a detailed instruction. Sendy is suitable for those who make mailings regularly and send more than 10 thousand letters monthly. For the sake of sending a couple of letters a month with the installation of software on your hosting and do not bother — some cloud services have eternal free rates for small databases and rare mailings.

That's kind of it. We have considered the main features of the software, in some parameters and settings you can understand yourself. If something is unclear or does not work, ask questions in the comments. We have been working with this tool for a long time and will try to help.

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