Seyiodus's Giveaway #6. - A Question (What Will You Do If You Find Yourself In The Middle Of The Ocean In A Ship After Waking Up From A Long Sleep?) - Prize: 5 SBD | Result of the Last Giveaway.

Hello friends, it's another time for my giveaway. The last one was the biggest I ever had. There were more contestants than before and I was happy to see that. If you read it, you will see inspirational entries there. We are going for another round right? lolx. Make sure to read the rules.


Last Giveaway Result.

I want to say thanks to all who entered for my last contest. @jonnyla08, @gbindinazeez, @crypto.piotr, @olivia08, @otom, @cinderz, @thaishps, @onefatindian, @viking-ventures, @stever82, @opiman, @sparrowbenard, @mcsamm, @neoxian, @bittyboop, @cryptowithincin, @apple96 and to everyone that supported with their votes, thanks.

last giveaway question:

If You Are A Whale On Steemit What Will You Do?

All entries of those that followed the rules have been accepted but only 5 people will get the prizes of 1 share in the steem basic income.


@jonnyla08, @cinderz, @olivia08, @gbindinazeez, and @thaishps Congrats to all of you. Your shares in the SteemBasicIncome has been sent.


Giveaway #6

5 SBD will be given to five steemians for this giveaway.


What will you do if you find yourself in the mist of the ocean in a ship after waking up from a long sleep?


  • Comment your answer down.
  • Upvote (Your upvote will make this giveaway running).
  • Kindly resteem this post (So to reach more steemians)
  • Invite another steemian to participate and tag the steemian in your comment.
  • All answers will be accepted but only five steemian can be winners. I will be using random name picker tool to determine the winners.
  • I will announce the winner when this post has been paid out and or when I feel like doing another giveaway before the payout.

(Note: All rules should be followed. If you upvote and do not resteem or vise-versa, and you did not invite another steemian, your entry will not be valid.)

This is totally my giveaway and I can be on a break at any time since I am a human just like you. I can decide to increase the numbers of winners as it pleases me and there can be any changes at any time. Try to understand that this is just my way of giving back to the platform and all the decision is mine to take.

You can make a suggestion to make it fun

A suggestion from you to make it more fun and interesting is welcome. You can suggest a topic(s) you will like to see in the next giveaway contest.
If you feel like supporting my giveaway to increase the prizes please do so.

Have Fun!

The contest is only for steemit platform

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