Most recently, we reviewed the game industry and its development. Using Blockchain technology, there are already many gaming platforms on the market that provide these or those services. But how many of them will remain in the future …?!
Usually, the gaming industry is aimed at games for the PC and access via the mobile application, but there is practically no mention of mobile gamers!

The Swiss gaming company will create its own platform for mobile games and its gamers.

Sgame Pro is an innovative solution for all mobile gaming enthusiasts. Playing your favorite mobile games you can not only enjoy the game, but also earn on it!

Using the platform, each player will be able to receive Sgame coin (SGM) crypto tokens, this token will be the only means of payment within the platform, and will provide access to the most popular games.
Each user of the platform will discover access to such functions as:

A universal store with popular games from the best publishers in the world

Easy switching from single-player games to synchronous and the ability to challenge

Using the SGM protocol, users will receive tokens for their time on the platform playing the best games

Gamers will be able to spend their earned rewards on digital and physical goods

For the most active users an attractive referral system is available

I would like to emphasize and draw your attention to the fact that platform tokens are not subject to exchange for fiat money within the platform itself. Their use is only available for purchases and upgrades, this approach emphasizes the creativity of the platform. SGM exchange will be available through trading platforms.

Earlier in the reviews, we also did not meet the referral program, for which it is possible to receive additional rewards. And this is not the whole list of functional. Still waiting for you online chat, the opportunity to make bets and much more.


To date, the largest publishers of games cooperate with the Sgame Pro platform, which has a base of more than 35 million active users. Once launched, the base of multimillion players will get instant access. It will give an incredible boost to the launch of the platform, provide a thriving ecosystem, and improve promotional activities.

The main task of the team is to create a user-friendly interface, where players will have fun while playing and thereby extract SGM tokens.
Compatibility with ERC-20 will allow users to easily transfer their earned tokens from the platform purse.

By providing publishers with more global marketing and a new stream of revenue from abandoned players, the team will receive more influential partners in the gaming industry. Will attract even more gamers to the platform, get incredible promotion and popularity.

Sgame Pro using Merchants will provide an opportunity for sellers to promote their products on the Internet using for this purpose such sections as: Marketplace and Special offers. The scale of the platform and live online players will help not only to promote products, but will also help to cover several publishers at once.

With the support of: 505 Games Ltd publisher of video games, Koppsule, Colin Lane, Digital Bros, 34BigThings video game developer.

Already today I want to try this platform on my mobile device and feel all its advantages! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the official Telegram chat, there is excellent support which answers 24/7

More detailed information you will find on the official website of the project, you can join the official social networks and ask all the questions you are interested in. View the roadmap and stay informed of all events, news and all future updates. After reading the technical document, you will be aware of all the smallest details, and also be able to join the sales and get acquainted with the team. All the links I leave below.

Official website
White paper
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