The Mobile Future gaming is here everyone, you can earn real money for just play a game, and the name of project is SGAMEPRO
Mobile as the largest source of gaming revenue has paved the way for a new array of business models and integrated payment solutions ranging from subscriptions fee, pay-per-play, in-app purchase (IAP), royalty to premium account, upgrade remunerations and — most importantly — advertising in app (ADV).

Within this framework the free-to-play mode, with revenue derived from ADV and the sale of digital goods, has emerged as the dominant model. Supercell, the maker of mobile games Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, generated $2.3 billion in sales in 2016, all coming from Players purchasing digital goods to compete with each other.
Sgame Pro is a game aggregator and community where Players are rewarded in SGM by:
• Playing iOS and Android mobile games from the world’s best Publishers
• Challenging other Players
• Streaming their Challenges to millions of Players
• Taking part in targeted actions via a personalized Offer Wall

Players will be able to use SGM to redeem a large number of digital and physical goods on the internal Sgame Pro marketplace (hereinafter “Sgame Marketplace”) and on Publishers’ digital stores. In addition, Players will be able to transfer SGM from their internal Sgame Pro wallet (the “SWallet”) to their external ERC-20 compatible wallet (the “Personal Wallet”).

Building on the success of Sgame Pro’s Alpha version that rapidly achieved 50,000 users in 2017 with no marketing spend, a Beta version of the Sgame Pro Platform will be released in May 2018, with an extensive new features roadmap over the course of 2018.


We enable players to be rewarded with our newly issued utility crypto-token SGM while simply playing the world’s most popular mobile games. SGM will be the only way to access and benefit from the Sgame Pro Platform and the sole settlement method for all transactions within the Sgame Pro ecosystem.

Under development since August 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched its Alpha version in 2017 achieving over 50,000 downloads with no marketing spend. Our entire focus is on the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry and we have developed several technical innovations in favor of Players, Publishers, Merchants and Influencers.

Our platform aggregates the fragmented sector of independent and major game Publishers into a one-stop-shop gaming platform where Players will have the opportunity to challenge others in games that were previously only single player. This innovation is truly disruptive given that 78% of the mobile gaming market is single player while most of the revenues stem from multiplayer games.

Token Economy
a. Transaction Model

The SGM token economy is centered around a continuous circulation of tokens between Sgame Pro and the ecosystem’s participants aiming at a highly liquid token. Its architecture is built in a hybrid manner whereby SGM flow inside the Platform is OffChain so that the actual Ethereum network’s limitations (i.e. confirmation times, congestion, transaction costs) do not impede the Platform’s day-to-day functioning.

All SGM rewarded to Players will be deposited to the Player’s internal SWallet on Sgame Pro. Players will be able to immediately use SGM from their SWallet to perform all the Sgame Pro ecosystem transactions at no costs or wait times. The Player has full control over when SGM are transferred from his SWallet to his personal ERC-20 compatible wallet.

b. Proof of play

One of Sgame Pro’s major technical innovations is the advent of the Proof of Play protocol. Proof of Play is the mechanism by which Sgame Pro determines consensus as to whether enough ‘play’ has been performed to mine a “Play-Block”, releasing the associated SGM block reward to the Player. This works similarly to Proof of Work where computational effort by miners is rewarded.
Play-Blocks are defined as a set of actions that, if completed, generate a block reward in SGM. Play-Blocks vary by level, which determines the amount of ‘play’ required and the size of the SGM block reward. Initially there will be two types of actions in a Play-Block: Time Actions and Offer Wall Actions. Sgame Pro determines the value of Play-Blocks, which may fluctuate over time, but the Player will always know the SGM block reward size in advance.

c. Liquidity Reserve

We will maintain an SGM liquidity reserve to manage outflows/inflows to/from Sgame Pro participants, which are expected to grow inline with the number of Players. This SGM Reserve will initially be equal to 23.7% of the SGM Total Supply, and Sgame Pro will aim to maintain it at least at 10% during its normal course of business, buying back SGM on exchanges as and when needed.
Sgame Pro will maintain full control over the amount of SGM rewarded through Proof of Play, and will make this information available in the app to each Player. The Play-Block reward amounts in SGM will be adjusted periodically to reflect the underlying SGM token’s price fluctuations, aiming to ensure a near constant value of Player earnings in Fiat.

Roles and Benefit

For Players
Our core mission is to provide Players with an unparalleled user experience where they can play their favorite games while seamlessly ”mining” SGM tokens. Players are engaged in entirely new ways as they are rewarded for Live streaming their gaming. Players will be able to use SGM to challenge each other, to redeem a large number of digital and physical goods on the internal Sgame Pro marketplace and on Publishers’ digital stores. Players will be able to transfer SGM from their internal Swallet to their external ERC-20 compatible wallet at any time.

For Publishers
We offer Publishers an entirely new revenue stream by sharing with them the Challenges’ fees. To put this into context, in 2017 over 800 billion Challenges were played in multiplayer games. In addition, Publishers have a simple and innovative way to promote games: they have the option to reward Players with bonus payments in SGM, provide special rewards in Challenges as well as directly involve Sgame Pro’s Influencers. This is an unparalleled access to key Influencers such as Pewdiepie (60 millions followers), giving Publishers free global marketing.

For Influencers
We allow Influencers to monetize their followers through a referral system which generates an ongoing revenue stream for every lead, regardless of whether the lead remains an Influencer’s follower in the long term. Every referral will be rewarded with part of the SGM earned by the newly introduced Player, without time limits and regardless of whether the Player remains a follower or not. The reward to influencers is paid directly by Sgame Pro and not subtracted from the Player introduced.

For Merchants
We provide Merchants with unprecedented economies of scale and offers the total reach of multiple Publishers all at once, generating comprehensive high quality user data through Player engagement on the Platform. Player profiles will be cross-game, providing significantly more granular Player targeting capabilities. Sgame Pro provides an easy and cost effective way for Merchants to promote their products online through the Marketplace and Special Offers sections.

Sale Details

Issuer: Sgame Sa (Swiss Based)

Symbol: SGM

Type: ERC20

Main Sale: June 2018

Price in Chf: 10d before Main Sale

Exchange Rate ETH/CHF:24h prior Main Sale

Currency: ETH

KYC: Required

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 350,000,000

Private Sale: 139,500,000

Main Sale: 55,000,000

SGM Liquidity Reserve: 83,000,000

Kept by Issuer: 51,000,000

Advisors & Founders: 15,000,000

Bounties & Airdrops: 6,500,000


This is a very good project, we can just playing games and we can get money, and the 1 Youtuber Pewdiepie is join this project, i hope this project will success and i recomended to invest in this project, if you want to know more about them please visit this link below.

Detail Informations

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