Shivom- The Future of Precision Medicine and Genomics

There are two evolutionary technologies that will change healthcare and the way we age one is genomics and the other one is blockchain technology. Genomics is the branch of molecular biology that has a lot of implications for common diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's schizophrenia and a lot of others. Around nine out of ten diseases have some genomic component, Shivom is bringing together these two impressive technologies and areas with massive future growth potential. They are genomic medicine and blockchain technology. Shivom will combine these areas into one amazing new ecosystem. It will be an integrated platform for donors of genome data and patients. People will have the opportunity to get a genome sequence done and have the results stored securely on the blockchain. The ecosystem will also encompass a marketplace for research organizations, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, and governments. These people can add services and apps along with personalized medicine and data analytics. The goal of Shivom is to create the biggest data hub for genomic information and allow people the option to sell or share the data. Using blockchain for this ecosystem is beneficial for addressing issues of data integrity, data ownership, trust issues, authentication, and patient consent. Smart contracts may be used to manage access and rights to data. Blockchain creates a trusting and secure way to handle these complex issues.

Shivom will not only be the largest Genomic Data-hub on the planet but also empower and reward contributors with control of their own Genetic information and their highly-valued tokens – the OmiX (OMX). Shivom users will be the unique owners of their DNA data who can also make their Genomic data pay off in the most ethical and efficient way! Join our initial coin offering today! Check out details below

Token Sale Information
Total Token Supply - 3 billion tokens

1 ETH = 7000 OMX Tokens

Soft Cap - 20,000 ETH (Already achieved)

Hard Cap - 75000 ETH

Total tokens for Crowd Sale - 990 Million

With the Shivom platform, the donors of genome data also own the access rights and the data. They maintain control of the data at all times. Rewards can be obtained by users for selling access rights to organizations such as pharmaceutical companies. These companies can then use this data to help with drug development. Patients may also get relevant personal health information from their genome data. Shivom is designed for all users to work harmoniously in one easy to use and secure ecosystem.

The process for first-time users of Shivom is simple. First, the user will sign up for Shivom and receive a kit via mail to collect saliva for DNA sequencing. They send the sample back for analysis and then can see the results and participate in the Shivom ecosystem. The cost for DNA sequencing has been rapidly declining, so this type of project is now possible. There are many uses and benefits to such an ecosystem. This may include things like disease prevention, risk detection of conditions, identifying the best treatment options, and many more. To find out more about Shivom, there is great information available at the web links below.Website :

Medicine is one of the most important branches of our life. Huge sums are invested into developing new medicaments to help ill people out. However, the industry has been dealing with several issues that are yet to be solved.
Major problem researchers are faced with is lack of access to prompt and accurate medical information and data.
Medical science and the health sector, in general, go through different modifications, and now with the blockchain technology stepping into the game, Medicine is set to go through a revolution! The team behind is introducing the largest medical data hub.
Shivom is a blockchain based genomic data hub that will give you full control over your valuable genetic information. We are all aware that some have better, and some have worse, but we are all built out of genes. As medicine is improving with new technology stepping into the game, it is possible to use other genes, better than your, to improve your health. Large corporations gather and sell the genome data while making a huge profit out of it. Thanks to the Shivom, you will finally get a cut out of it, as you will be rewarded with the native OmiX tokens for sharing your genetic information. The large marketplace will be wide open for everyone willing to contribute.
Blockchain technology besdes the decentralized system is bringing better security and privacy, significantly lower fees and very important – smart contracts.
This brilliant project is exactly what we need to improve the quality of our life!

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