"I caught the" Elephant "for the relay race of @ slon21veka"! # 19 A very peculiar hunt

Family album source

Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. This is my participation in the contest made by @ slon21veka In the slogan "I picked up the" Elephant "for the relay race" For more information enter here Consultations and rules Said this Let the hunt begin!

Obviously my life is destined to have frequent encounter with these beautiful animals, from a very young I have great admiration for the largest animal in the universe, I am passionate about their intelligence and the way of living in community. Yesterday I received a telegram from the Argentine mail, where I was informed that I had to pay taxes for introducing products from other countries.

A few months ago I bought two collectible coins online, one from Australia and the other from India. The Australian currency was printed with a Koala and how could it be otherwise the Indian currency came with a beautiful elephant, it is very evident that I am deeply connected with these animals.

It is a collectible product, which inside has printed "Ganesha" The name is a compound of two words "wins" means group of people or crowds of people and the word "sha" refers to "master", " Mr". Others associate the word "gana", to ganas. A set of divine beings. In short, the meaning of the name is associated with the "Lord of the Ganas" or Lord of the Crowds "


His picture is the most widespread, it is very common to see it in every corner of India, many cults worship it, among them "Hinduism, Buddhism and Yainism" although it has many attributes, it is best known for its elephant head. She is the first to receive prayers in "religious rituals and ceremonies". Mention is made in prayers as the "patron saint of scriptures and sacred texts". Many of the texts mention the mysticism that surrounds their birth, the followers who They offer their devotion are commonly called "ganapatias"


"Ganesha" is the most revered god in all of India and other parts of the world, his physiognomy is very curious presents body of people with an "elephant head" his worshipers adore him for being the intercessor of the "obstacles" patron of the "Writings, arts and sciences" many consider him the "lord of plenty". There is a cruel meaning to his appearance, according to the story "Ganesha" "is the daughter of Parvati and Shiva" as her mother grew up she ordered her as a personal guard and she had to take care that no one entered while taking a bath, on one occasion Shiva wanted to enter and "Ganesha" was prevented, very angry God Shiva shook his head, before the despair of his mother, this munido his body with the head of an elephant.


Source: Pixiz family-photomontage album

Undoubtedly I have a great bond with the elephants, when I bought the coin I did not know that it came with a printed elephant, much less the impressive history that the piece possesses.

I hope that all this information has been of your liking. I want to express my gratitude to @ slon21veka for the invitation to participate in the contest!

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis

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