"I caught the" Elephant "for the relay race of @ slon21veka"! # 24 behind the crystals

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Good morning to all the readers of golos.io. This is my participation in the contest made by @ slon21veka In the slogan "I caught the" Elephant "for the relay race" For more information enter here Queries and rules

Hello dear friends, here again starting a new hunt, I do not like the idea of ​​hunting animals, but I must admit that this hunt I like to perform

That said, let the hunt begin!

This week the hunting was great, I went to walk through the center of the city in search of these beautiful specimens, in front of one of the most important squares in my city. The Plaza Cabral! I found this small business to give away, from a distance something caught my attention, standing in front of the shop window I saw them, there they were, groups of two, as if waiting for someone to buy their freedom

These beautiful giants are those that represent good fortune, in other beliefs are the representation of the divine and goodness, the Asians in their celebrations perform a ritual where they wash their feet and anoint them with liquids specially prepared for the occasion, to receive the kindness of these animals, other cultures attribute "wisdom, loyalty, strength, fidelity and old age"

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This animal is very venerated in many cultures by its power and its fearsome strength, there are those who maintain that these colossi preserve their wisdom until the day of their death, of all the elephant races, the so-called white elephants are the most venerated. White elephant! It's just an expression the white elephants do not exist, they are lighter in color than the rest, a spice of light gray, some even have a small pink hue

As you can read, elephants have many meanings and vary according to the cultures, in some of them they believe that having an elephant inside the home is ideal for young couples or those couples who can not conceive a child, it is said that the presence of elephants release obstacles and emanate positive energy that make couples have the fertility necessary to bring a child to the world

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Other cultures symbolize it as the protection of "home and family", because of the power and strength of these giants, many argue that they must be located at the entrance door as protection of the home, it is the reason why they can be observe in the entrances of the buildings, these presence, transmit kindness, simplicity, wisdom and respect

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So interesting was my new hunting number 24, which I will call hunting behind the crystals, in the next opportunity I promise to share my new elephant that is printed on the shopping bag. Thank you for reading.

I hope that all this information has been of your liking. I want to express my gratitude to @ slon21veka for the invitation to participate in the contest!

The images correspond to the family album

The camera used Nikon Coolpix B500

Thank you for your visit

Jose Luis


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